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I like to think of this as me playing Angelina Jolie playing a hero in a movie. lol

Have you noticed artsy photo filter pics on Facebook lately?  Several of my friends have posted these types of pictures.  They had them made through an app called “Lensa AI.”  This is why the Lensa AI App is worth your 4 dollars: you upload 10-20 pictures of yourself, pay 4 bucks and 20ish minutes later, they shoot back 50 artsy pictures (or 100 pictures for $6). The pictures could look like you… they also could look nothing like you. lol… I would guess that you’ll at least like a few of them.

Basically, Lensa AI turns your pictures into avatars. Some pictures I saw and thought, “I wish I looked this good!”  Other pictures made me think, “Was it necessary to put that much definition on my wrinkles?”  The app is just fun.  Yes, we live in a “me” world and it’s a bit narcissistic to send off pictures of yourself to see what comes back, but I also think it’s fun and it creates conversation.  We had as much fun looking at the awful pictures as we did the cool ones.

My daughter, Kenzie, and I were talking the other night. She asked me if I was familiar with Lensa AI and described the app.  I said, “I saw some friends doing that on Facebook!  Their pictures looked really cool.”  She asked me if I wanted to try it.  I text her my pics, but I decided to send some goofy ones too to see what would happen.  I sent mostly decent photos, but I also included several with my mouth hanging open and a picture of me in zombie makeup from Halloween a few years ago… AND one of me with my face and my air freshener in my car that is also my face.  Since it’s Artificial Intelligence, I wanted to throw some curveballs.  I have no idea WHY I felt I wanted to do that, but we were having fun with it.


This could be why some of my pics didn’t come out so well, but I thought this was funny: my zombie Halloween costume a few years back.

Below are SOME of my results.  I asked Kenzie to text me a few pics (she was sweet and didn’t send some of the REALLY BAD pictures… lol where I look like a hot mess or a thousand years old).  I asked her to send me some of her pictures too.  I’m sharing them all in the gallery below.

Why is the Lensa App is worth your 4 dollars?

It’s fun, positive, and it starts a conversation.  Sometimes, I think we tend to get down on ourselves.  Taking a moment to feel good about our features and know that we are all art worthy, I think that’s a good thing.  Plus who doesn’t want to be reimagined as a superhero or a prince or princess?  BTW, Kenzie has done the Lensa treatment on several males too.  DUDES.  Try it. The filters are WAY KINDER to men than women.  Every man comes out chiseled and buff.  Don’t get me wrong, Lensa was very kind to me in their body choices as well. LOL

Three things to know:

  1. There is some controversy around the app in regard to privacy.  You can CLICK HERE to read what had to say about it.  Basically, they have the right to use your photos to further train their AI technology, but the disclaimer does cover quite a bit of ground.
  2. Some of the pictures could come back as nudes.  Nothing is actually showing, but you definitely get naked vibes.
  3. Some feel that since AI is a composite of preexisting art, it’s kind of ripping off actual artists. – from NBC News

Should you wish to try this app, it’s Lensa AI available for iPhone and Android.   Sorry, not trying to send mixed messages, but in researching this article, things started popping up and I thought I should give a complete picture.

Here are some of the pics I sent and what Lensa AI sent back.  I included some of my daughter, Kenzie’s pictures (Lensa AI and some of the shots she sent) so you can see a different look.  We had fun!  If you decide to try it, I hope you do too.

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