hdlogoHD Radio™ Technology is your local AM and FM stations, now broadcasting in digital. It offers new extra local FM channels, crystal-clear sound, and more music. Click here to visit hdradio.com/detroit

How does it work?

HD Radio™ Technology products work the same way as conventional radio with a signal broadcast by a stations and received by consumers in the Detroit area. Listeners simply tune to their favorite stations and, if available, the radio picks up the digital signal automatically. Now enjoy all that HD Radio™ Technology has to offer including all those new HD2/HD3 channels.

Already have HD Radio™?

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Local stations.
Digital quality.

HD Radio™ broadcasts deliver crystal clear, CD-like audio quality and extra programs to customers. WCSX has a second HD station with loads of extra content. Check out Detroit’s Oldies 94.7 HD2 for Oldies hits like Elvis Presley and The Beach Boys.



Program info

Displays song name, artist, station ID, and other relevant data.


2016 Models with HD Radio™ Technology
In Showrooms now.