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We live for summers in Michigan. 9pm sunsets, heading Up North for the weekend (gas prices permitting) and the occasional bonfire. Whether it’s a vacation or staycation, here are some of my favorite summer classic rock favorites for summer nights and summer days.

  • Summer Nights - Van Hagar

    Yes.  I started with the obvious choice.  “Summer nights and my radio.”  Sammy Hagar, you are a genius.  What radio station wouldn’t want to play this?  It puts you in the moment.  “Ah, hot summer nights, that’s my time of the year.”  Michigan hears you, my friend.  See you August 23rd at Pine Knob.

  • In the Summertime - Mungo Jerry

    The video is worth watching just for the playing of the glass jug.  I love the vibe of this song, but two lines bother me.  “If her daddy’s rich, take her out for a meal.  If her daddy’s poor, just do what you feel.”  What exactly are we saying here, Mungo Jerry?  I still love the song, so I guess I’ll burn my bra later.

  • Ice Cream Man - VH

    Sucks that they didn’t do a video for this song.  I always picture Diamond Dave from his “California Girls” video and wish the two could become as one. lol “Ah now summertime’s here, babe… need something to keep you cool… you better look out now, cause I’ve got something for you.” DLR on blast with his swagger.  I love it!

  • Summertime Girls - Y&T

    The highly under-rated Y&T created an 80’s summer masterpiece.  Having said that, please note that one of the band members looks like he’s heading to his second job at Hooters after the video shoot.  In all seriousness, I totally love this song.  The energy is amazing.  “Summertime girls, you make my whole world go around.”

  • Boys of Summer - Don Henley

    This is a great summer song even though it’s actually talking about missing summer:  “The summer’s out of reach.”  The lyrics were written by Don Henley, but it was Mike Campbell of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers who composed the music.

  • You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Nights) - Meatloaf

    The song starts out preeettttttyyy dark, but also popping with sexual tension.  Meatloaf had a very specific, broadway-style.  It really set him apart from the rest of the wolves. 🙂

  • Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams

    Bryan Adams has been taking sass since he released this song.  Great song, but we all know he wasn’t doing that stuff in ’69… he was ten years old.  Don’t ask him about it, he has run out of patience on the matter.

  • Summertime Blues - The Who

    “Summertime Blues” was originally written and performed by Eddie Cochran in 1958. Since then A LOT of artists have covered it including Joan Jett, T Rex, Van Halen, The Stray Cats, and of course, The Who. Who did it best?  Yes.

  • Saturday in the Park - Chicago

    “Saturday in the park, I think it was the fourth of July.”  Chicago paints us a beautiful summer picture.  Robert Lamm wrote this song after a fourth of July he spent in NYC.  Robert and Peter Cetera sing lead.

  • Suddenly Last Summer - The Motels

    What happened so suddenly last summer?  According to lead singer, Martha Davis, the song is pretty deep and definitely based off of her memories. “‘Suddenly Last Summer’ woke me up at 3 a.m. one morning. It seems that it is a time travel tune because it conjures up images as far back as when I was 12. I believe the song to be about irrevocable change, the loss of innocence, and the melancholy associated with not being able to go home again. When I was still living in Berkeley, in my early 20s, I remember sitting in the back yard of the little house I bought after my parents died. It was the end of summer. From down the street, I heard the sound of the ice cream truck with its haunting little song. As I lay there, the first cold wind of autumn started to blow and I knew I would not see the truck again that year, and that summer was over. That incident resonated with me and I think the bells from that truck became the concept for the repeating melodic line that runs through ‘Suddenly.'”  I have a sweet spot for The Motels even though their music was mostly dark and brooding.  YEAH SUMMER!