5 Movies To Get You Pumped For NFL Draft. Here we are the week of the NFL draft in Detroit and you’re looking for that fuel to make it even MORE special.  5 Movies To Get You Pumped For NFL Draft. Now when we were putting together this list, there was a debate about the type of movie to maximize your “draft energy potential”. Do you go for the movies with great speeches like “win one for the Gipper” in Knute Rockne, All American? Or do you play it lighthearted and go with a movie like “The Waterboy” (any movie with Dan Fouts and Bret Musberger is high on my list).

How did we decide on 5 Movies To Get You Pumped For NFL Draft

Ultimately we decided to go for movies with moments that resonate with you. Movies that make you want to jump off the couch and run through a wall…or at least jog to the fridge.

This is what it’s all about when you’re watching a good football movie. Even if you’ve never played, you feel like you’re part of the team. When they win – you win. When they lose – it’s the coaches fault (sorry, that’s the Cowboys).

Football is far and away the biggest sport in America (sorry baseball, it’s true). And it’s movies reflect that tough determination and grit that has made our country what it is…it’s not always pretty, but the movies have a certain grit to them (right Lions fans?)

5 Movies To Get You Pumped For NFL Draft

(Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

We’ve prepared our 5 Movies To Get You Pumped For NFL Draft with all this in mind – if you disagree with anything on this list, please take it up with Jerry Jones (sorry, that’s the Cowboys again). Be warned…there might be more Cowboys jokes in this list…but hey, this is Detroit and we love messing with them, right?

Okay – let’s do this: 5 Movies To Get You Pumped For NFL Draft

  • Draft Day - 2014 with Kevin Costner

    Okay, maybe this on it’s own wasn’t Kevin Costner’s best movie. But with “Draft Day” in the title and the late, great Chadwick Boseman as Vontae Mack – I find myself watching it EVERY TIME it’s on TV. Denis Leary as Coach Penn, Jennifer Garner, Tom Welling as Brian Drew (just looking to prove himself) – why did nobody come to Bo’s birthday party at Wisconsin? And how great was it when Sonny got his draft picks back from the cocky Seattle GM?

  • Little Giants - 1994

    Yes Rick Moranis is great as coach Danny O’Shea, and Becky (Icebox) is awesome. NFL players like LT and Steve Emtman making cameos…awesome. But the greatness of “Little Giants” comes down to two things – it’s a 100% feel good movie about the little guy getting a chance…and it features the greatest play in football history: the annexation of Puerto Rico

    Oh yeah, and they beat the Cowboys. That was pretty cool too.

  • Friday Night Lights - 2004

    Billy Bob Thorton is one of the best actors of this generation – the range of roles is stunning. And to take on the role of Coach Gary Gaines in “Friday Night Lights” (an amazing book BTW) was impressive in itself. But then you start to watch the movie, and the scope of what football means in this small Texas town – not only to the community, but to the players themselves. It’s more than a game. It’s life. His halftime speech should be a must watch for any coach at any level.

  • The Longest Yard - 1974

    To be honest, I loved the Adam Sandler remake. But a badass Burt Reynolds in The Longest Yard had to be the choice. Paul Crewe was the bad boy who made it happen on the field, but was a complete screw up off the field. Don’t sleep on Michael Conrad as Nate Scarboro and Richard Keil of James Bond fame as Samson (I think I broke his freakin’ neck)…amazing.

  • Remember The Titans - 2000

    Denzel Washington owns the screen in this movie (as he does most) – but the scope of the film and how football acts as a bond between different races and cultures is powerful. An amazing cast with so many moments – every time I watch this movie I find a new character to love.

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