With the ridiculous rise in gas prices, drivers are looking for ways to save money on gas nowadays because it is entirely too expensive. For most drivers, $20-$40 used to be able to get them half a tank of gas ( depending on the vehicle) and for some even a full tank of gas. Now consumers are spending almost double just for half a tank and making it rough on Michigan divers to complete their day to day routines. Below are some tips that may help not only cut down on your gas expense, but some driving and some wear and tear on your vehicle.

  • Keep Tank at Half

    Keep at least a half-tank of fuel in the car at all times, especially when shortages are a possibility.

  • Obey Speed limits

    Even though you should be doing this anyway, fuel economy can be influenced by your driving habits. Increasing your speed from 55 to 75 mph is like switching from a compact car to a large SUV.

  • Check for cheaper gas via apps/online

    Local gas prices are shown on apps and websites such as GasBuddy, making it easy to find the best prices in your area or if you have to travel.

  • Avoid Premium Gas

    Avoid using premium gas unless you absolutely need it. There is no problem using a regular gasoline car with a mid-grade or premium fuel for now while gas prices are as high as they are.

  • Drive Evenly

    To all the Speed Racers out there, avoid hard acceleration and breaking. Studies have shown that frequent accelerations and braking reduced average fuel economy by two to three miles per gallon.

  • Check Tire Pressure

    You can affect your performance, tire longevity, and fuel economy if you have tires inflated less than what is recommended on your doorjamb sticker.

  • Use Public Transportation/Car Pool If Possible

    While this may be difficult for some, riding a smart bus a few times a week amy help save you some gas well. if you cant do this see if car pooling whit a buddy is an option.

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