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NERDS FOR THE WIN! The 80’s were magical for me. I was a teen, VHS tapes were plentiful, and I had free time. This was a sweet spot for movies about school and nerds. I could identify with both. The smart but overlooked… the not-so-cool-for-school kid with a heart of gold… These are some of my favorite 80’s nerd movies. I hope you have seen them all, repeatedly.

  • Weird Science

    Gary and Wyatt create a woman using their computer, a couple of bras, and a barbie doll.  Kelly LeBrock is steaming hot when she enters the room.

  • Revenge of the Nerds

    Lewis, Gilbert, Booger (a Michigan native!) SO MANY amazing characters in this movie.  I still adore it.  When they come together and perform their skit to win Greek Week, I get misty-eyed just thinking about these fabulous, talented nerds finding ways to let their unique talents shine for the greater good of the group.  The nerd power is STRONG in this scene.  It begins with a face you may better remember from Top Gun.

  • Better Off Dead

    I WANT MY TWO DOLLARS.  This movie has a crap-load of quotable dialogue and hilarious, off-kilter scenes: the car races, the French dinner, the ski scenes, but a paperboy who wants his money…  well you better watch out, friend.


  • The Breakfast Club

    If you were in high school in the 80’s you probably saw Breakfast Club with friends. After seeing the Breakfast Club, there was most likely a conversation of which character you most identified with… at least that’s what we did. One of my friends felt sure she was Molly Ringwald. It was hard not to open my mouth and say, “Just because you have red hair, it does not mean you’re a match to her character.” Actually, I’m pretty sure I DID say that and she was annoyed. Breakfast Club was awesome for bringing a bunch of different click-types together: jock, burn-out, popular, misfit and, of course, nerd. Many people just remember their dumb dance in the library, but the movie actually had some serious content. As the kids admitted why they got detention, you saw their struggles… struggles that many kids still have today. Having said that, here’s the dumb dance scene. Enjoy.

  • Back to The Future

    Obviously a HUGE movie… who hasn’t seen Back to the Future?  While Marty McFly may not have been a straight-up nerd, his dad, George, MORE THAN made up for it.  remember that time George was visited by Darth Vader?  Here’s the extended cut that didn’t actually make the movie.

  • Pretty In Pink

    Although this movie is primarily about Andie (Molly Ringwald), the movie was made by Ducky (John Cryer).  Ducky was one of the first unapologetic nerds.  He had no problem antagonizing the “cool kid” bullies even if it meant he paid for it.  James Spader is masterful as the villain and Andrew McCarthy gets the girl… shocker.  Also, killer soundtrack, if you enjoy 80’s alternative.

  • Ferris Bueler's Day Off

    Obviously, Ferris is not a nerd.  Let’s move our focus over to Cameron.  “I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll go.”

  • Real Genius

    Genius Chris Knight (Val Kilmer) bucks the system and takes Chris, the new nerd on campus, under his wing.  Chuck-full of slapstick and ridiculousness, I’m embarrassed by how many times I watched this movie, and yet I still love it.  Who doesn’t enjoy Kent talking to Jesus?

  • Bonus movie: Lucas

    This wasn’t isn’t as well known, but I thought it worth mentioning.  It features A VERY YOUNG Corey Haim playing a nerdy teenager.  He gets targeted by bullies, but when he makes friends with the new girl (Kerri Green) life improves.  Winona Ryder (her first film appearance) and Charlie Sheen are in this movie too.