WCSX Holiday Guide

WCSX Holiday Guide

WCSX Holiday Guide

Best Stores in Michigan to Return those Unwanted Holiday Gifts!

How often do you think about where (or if) you can return a gift when you buy one? I can say it happens more times than you think. But what are the best stores in Michigan to return those unwanted holiday gifts? Sometimes you are in the gift-buying spirit and you just don’t worry about things like returns. Some people do have foresight when it comes to certain things like clothes that may or may not fit. I always recall that most stores are pretty good when you have a receipt and a good attitude.

This all came to mind recently when I had a weird instance where I was prepping for “Taco Night” and bought some poor meat from Kroger. I’ve never had an issue with returns at Kroger except for this one time. They insisted I had to return the meat (or the receipt) to the original store. This is not true at all as you can return an item to any Kroger regardless of the original purchase location. Anyways, “Taco Night” was a bust and I had to go to another Kroger where they actually followed their correct policy and returned my money.

I can see where the returns policy can be abused though. When I was a little kid I would ask my mom to purchase a remote control car and I would bust the living hell out of it. Running it over jumps, through dirt, and over rails. After this week-long obstacle course, I would return this car to K-mart (I miss you K-mart). They’d eyeball me a bit but then I would exchange it for a new car. Dishonest? Yes. But I was little and really didn’t appreciate that car not being able to outlast the extreme thrill ride I provided it!

But with so many scams and companies cutting costs, some companies may have tightened those reigns a bit. According to WXYZ.com, here are some of the companies around Michigan and online and their return policies (or lack thereof).

  • Nordstrom

    I don’t know if there is any fine print, but Nordstrom has a very lenient policy. You do not need a receipt and there is no time limit. I can imagine there might be some rules, but maybe not. I do recall Home Depot has a similar policy with crazy stories that include a woman returning a tire to a Home Depot. Maybe try to return a tire to Nordstrom and see what happens.

  • Bed Bath & Beyond

    BB&B used to give customers up to a year to do returns but now it’s only 90 days. Many stores are trying to reduce the number of lines because of Covid. But the only thing I can think of when I hear Bed, Bath and Beyond is Michael Keaton in The Other Guys.

  • Kohl's

    Kohl’s gives you up to 180 days to return items. I have a love/hate return thing with Kohl’s. I hate returning the ridiculous amount of crap my wife buys from Amazon (which Kohl’s can do Amazon returns, bonus). But I do love that whenever I do a return at Kohl’s I also get a $5 coupon (usually) that can be used immediately. So not only do you get your money back from your Amazon return but you can buy that delicious candy bar at the front too!

  • Walmart, Target and Macy's

    All of these are pretty similar with a 90-day return policy. I find Walmart a bit more reluctant to do returns but that might just be the “holiday” spirit so many retail employees get during this time. I know it all too well working retail for more than a decade. Target seems okay and more user-friendly in my experience and Macy’s I have never tried to return anything to them.

  • Costco

    Costco is also 90 days, but on certain items, they have an unlimited time limit. Best to check online or with the hopefully helpful cashier or customer service.

  • Amazon

    The mighty Amazon! They have a general 30-day return policy. However, here is where you need to be careful as Amazon has many third-party sellers. I’ve had mostly good experiences with returns even with third-party sellers. Some of them will even just give the money back with no return (not sure why but I won’t question this luck). I only recall maybe one bad experience out of a hundred or more. So just be aware it is possible to have trouble on Amazon when returning items. One bonus though is you can return any items to Kohl’s and some other locations that are designated by Amazon.

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