It’s a “Long Songs” Weekend on WCSX!

Hey this is Donielle Flynn, your mid-day host. It’s a Long Songs Weekend on WCSX! Listen for long songs every hour! Are we playing “Freebird?” Of course! “2112?” Heck yeah! “Roundabout?” Yes! (See what I did there?)

For more Long Songs and the stories behind them…
Welcome to the bonus content:

  • Iron Butterfly “Inagodadavida”

    Seriously. Come on. There are some cool moments in Iron Butterfly’s “Inagodadavida” but the only thing this song is truly known for is being LOONNNGG. Clocking in at 17:03 it was the song of dreams back when DJs spun vinyl or played CDs… The song you could run out and get a pizza and be back before it was done. For decades, listeners have called and requested this song, specifically to jack with us. The request they know we won’t play. The song is just above here. Let me know if you listened all the way through.

  • Arlo Guthrie “Alice’s Restaurant”

    No. We play this every Thanksgiving. It’s a tradition.  I get that. Arlo Guthrie is amazing, but I don’t get a song whose full title is “Alice’s Restaurant Massacre” being a Thanksgiving tradition just because it tells an extremely embellished story that happened on Thanksgiving (Arlo got arrested for illegally  dumping trash and $25 fine). You need this for company while you put the turkey in the oven? So be it, but not this weekend.

  • Led Zeppelin “Achilles Last Stand”

    This is a tough one. Robert Plant was very proud of this song when it was released…. And we love Robert Plant, but it’s another one of those “let’s mess with the DJ songs” because it’s 10:26. Robert Plant wrote this after badly injuring his ankle in a car accident in Greece. In a twist of Achilles style fate, Plant re-injured his ankle while jumping around with excitement over how well the song was coming together. Led Zeppelin did play this at the remainder of their live shows, although ironically, the live version was usually shorter than the recorded. For the record, Led Zeppelin has plenty of long songs and we are playing most of them.

  • Dire Straits - “Telegraph Road”

    Awesome that Mark Knopfler wrote a song about Michigan’s Telegraph Road, but kinda sucks that it’s about developmental decline and unemployment.  I love Mark Knopfler’s ability to translate overheard conversations, and real life experiences into his music (like “Money for Nothing” and “Sultans of Swing”), but it doesn’t exactly celebrate the good stuff in Michigan and that’s sometimes a hard pill to swallow.

  • Box Scaggs & Duane Allman - “Loan Me a Dime”

    I do love me some Boz Skaggs, but it’s Duane Allman that really shines in this song. Released in 1969, this cover of Fenton Robinson’s original was on Boz Skagg’s first album after leaving The Steve Miller Band.

  • Bruce Springsteen “Jungleland”

    Reflecting on the album years later, Springsteen singled out the last verse of “Jungleland” as an example of his work that had “a lot of overblown romance, but still contained the seeds of realism.” Bruce performed this song live for over a year before it was recorded. “Jungleland” actually became longer as it was recorded, including a grand sax solo.

  • J Geils Band

    Since there are so many J Geils Band fans in Detroit, I thought I’d include a deep cut in the bonus content, “Monkey Island.” An interesting fact about the album of the same name: it is, “credited with the shortened band name of “Geils”, the only album in their catalog that this was done.  J. Geils recorded a total of three live albums.  Two of them were recorded in Detroit.  The third was recorded in Detroit and Boston.  We loved us some J Geils Band and they loved us right back.  Salute!