WCSX City of the Week

Congratulations to Clinton Township,

You’re the WCSX City of the Week from January 22nd to January 28th!

Below are some important facts about Clinton Township that you can use to pass our Clinton Township City of the Week Quiz!

Clinton Township Factoids:

  • Clinton Township Name

    Clinton Township was named in honor of New York Governor DeWitt Clinton who organized the construction of the Erie Canal, that enabled many settlers access to Michigan.

  • Moravian Missionaries

    In 1782 the Moravian missionaries built the first settlement in what was to become Clinton Township on what is now  Moravian Drive.

  • Clinton Township Villages

    The villages of Mt. Clemens, Frederick, Warsaw, Marcellus, and Cady’s Corner were originally part of Clinton Township.

  • Population

    Clinton Township is Michigan’s most populated township with 100, 521 residents as of the 2020 census.

  • Clinton River

    The main branch of the Clinton River runs through Clinton Township out to the Lake St. Clair.

  • Clinton Township Roses

    Clinton Township is known for producing the most roses in Michigan since 1920, and President Gerald Ford often used roses from Clinton Township to decorate the White House.

  • Clinton Township City Of The Week QUIZ!

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