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Asked a question to you on social media on my page. If you had a chance, to go back in time to go for a second time to see a concert, what concert would you see? I was overwhelmed by the response. So I took a moment to narrow down the best of the best of all the suggestions. Here’s a list of the Top 10 concerts and the people who suggested their favorites.

  • Ira Paul 1971 Grand Funk Cobo Arena

    Ira Paul 1971 Grand Funk Cobo Arena

    Still don’t know why this band is not in the Rock and Roll Hall yet. They have met the requirement for songs, crowd, and overall talent. Still enjoy Mark Farner’s American Band when they are on tour. Mark will be playing McMorran Place Theater in Port Huron, Mi Mar.24, 2023

  • Jeff Moga- Zeppelin at the Silverdome, 1977.

    Jeff Moga- Zeppelin at the Silverdome, 1977.

    Another band that was on my bucket list to see but ran out of time when John Bonham passed away before he played the Silverdome again. Can you imagine seeing them at the Grande Ballroom in 1969?

  • Cherie Lowe- Prince. The Palace.

    Cherie Lowe- Prince. The Palace.

    Prince was so talented it was mind-blowing. The first time I went to a Prince show was his 1999 tour. The guy could play every, and he did play, every instrument throughout the night. Surrounded himself with talent in his band. Still a huge Morris Day fan but love Prince also

  • Tony Salpino III -Kiss tiger stadium June 28, 96

    Tony Salpino III -Kiss tiger stadium June 28, 1996

    Tony! Love to comment on a show I got to see also. Had 6th-row center smack dab in the middle. My girl at the time got claustrophobic and we had to get off the field. Luckily I had press passes for the press box behind homeplate. The stadium shook back and forth and was so over the top. The best KISS show I had ever been to.

  • Gary Bird- Live Aid!! 1985

    Gary Bird- Live Aid!! 1985

    I agree Gary this is one show for the ages. So glad it is on film for all to enjoy for years to come. One of the bands I kick myself for not going to see the live concert. Had many chances to go see them. One of my concerts fails I will never forgive myself.

  • Ross Biondo- David Gilmour 94'. Greatest show I ever saw by a long shot! Pink Floyd

    Ross Biondo- David Gilmour 94′

    One of my favorite guitar players. Makes a Fender guitar speak on its own. Plays with such a feeling.

  • Bobby Lewis -Paul McCartney & Wings... "Wings Over America" tour 1976 Olympia Stadium

    Bobby Lewis -Paul McCartney & Wings… “Wings Over America” tour.

    Never got to see,”WINGS,” in concert but have many DVD’s  of shows. Hope to see Sir Paul a few more times. Last show I got to see was at Little Caesars Arena. I believe he was the first act to play there.

  • Tim Marko- The Who at the Pontiac Silverdome

    Tim Marko- The Who at the Pontiac Silverdome. What a concert. Except Pete did not like the sound inside the Silverdome. Didn’t stop me from going through almost the entire catalog that night.

  • Suzanne Govan Cobo Hall. Jay geils and Mountain we got to meet them in the basement

    Suzanne Govan nothing like a J.Geils concert. Great choice as I have seen them many times in concert and from start to finish. What a party! You are exhausted after a show from cheering encore after encore. Great memories.

  • Don Scarsella- VanHalen July 3, 1981 CoboArena

     Don Scarsella, what a great choice! Wish I could find the Cobo hall footage. I might have it on a bootleg DVD somewhere. But here’s something from that same tour.