Donielle Flynn

What kind of music does broccoli listen to? Broc and roll! Doni tells dad jokes with matching Snapchat filters.

Who doesn’t love a good dad joke? Dad jokes are the best, in my opinion. Whether the joke is followed by a groan or a laugh, I can still enjoy the humor. There are a TON of dad jokes on the internet. Some dad jokes really are stinkers, but some are extremely clever. My jokes fall somewhere in between.

The CSX File Factor

Most days, our morning show, Big Jim’s House runs a feature called “The CSX-Files.” It’s three dumb news stories and three dad jokes. Big Jim himself will be the first one to tell you that the whole reason for the CSX Files is to be a vehicle for dad jokes. The feature has been in place for a couple of years now.

Ryan has an amazingly funny heckler named Schleppie. Schleppie regularly takes Ryan to task for his dad jokes. Schleppie is the first one to critique Ryan’s delivery of the story or Ryan’s sub-par dad joke. HA! I am laughing as I type this because anyone who has heard the CSX-Files knows that Ryan definitely has challenging moments on the CSX-Files.

While Ryan was on paternity leave, Schleppie, Jenny-Jenny, and I all subbed for Ryan. Schleppie took it to the next level by layering in multiple dad jokes. I promptly stole this idea from Schleppie as did Jenny-Jenny. I believe the adage goes, “Amateurs borrow. Professional steal.” Thanks, Schleppie! Ever since I hosted CSX-Files, I have had one dad joke after another stuck in my head.

Dad Jokes + Snapchat

I was scrolling through my notifications on my phone and opened Snapchat. I saw a broccoli filter and thought, “I wonder if there are dad jokes for broccoli.” I quickly discovered that there are at least 50 dad jokes for anything. Pick something. Google it. You’ll be amazed.

Putting dad/mom jokes together with Snapchat filters was the natural evolution. I used a talking broccoli filter to tell broccoli jokes and sent the video to Jim. Jim responded, “Good lord!” I was delighted when I saw that Jim had shared my video on his blog. Sure, he said I was “weird” but being weird is good. As I’ve told my kids for their entire lives, being weird means you’re special.

a smiling face. that is also a piece of bread with a face and giant mustache. Snapchat filter with bread dad jokes
Donielle Flynn
Meet Bready Mercury. I may have lost it. My new favorite thing: telling dad jokes while using a matching Snapchat filter.

I started out doing one a day, but I quickly worried that it was too much. I was concerned that if my reels were hitting my friends feed every day, it would get old fast. It’s hard to resist not immediately making a ton of these because Snapchat has a million filters and there are a billion jokes. Scroll down to check out my videos and check back for updates… if you dare.  My videos are Schleppie approved (JK: Schleppie would probably rip them and have better jokes to back it up).

Doni’s Filtered Dad Jokes

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