(Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

I know the football season is still several months away, but I love football, so I follow closely during the off season. Of course, Aidan Hutchinson is the big talk this year. Locals are stoked to see what he brings to the team. Fingers crossed he can offer some magic.

To get fans pumped for the upcoming season, the Detroit Lions are sharing photos of players in training camp. Hutchinson has some great photos posted, as well as some of the other players.

When asked about how much room for growth Hutchinson has, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell told reporters, “He’s got a ton of room to really even get more powerful, if you will. So, his strength is good enough to go out there and compete, no problems there, but yet, man, there’s still a ton of meat on the bone with him, which is pretty exciting.”

View a collection of Lions photos via Twitter below. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment, but go Lions! Hit me up on socials here if you want to give me your take on the Lions’ upcoming season.