For most kids, November probably falls short of Halloween and Christmas (with you November babies being an exception). But November can be a fun month too! I’ve got a series of FIVE activities you can do with your kids.



  • 1. Disguise The WCSX Turkey


    What Turkey wants to be eaten? Not many I know. So why not help the fella out and disguise him so he can avoid the feast! Download and print the WCSX Turkey and decorate/disguise him to your hearts desire. Then send us a pic of your best turkey disguise! We would love to see them.

  • 2. Leaf Person

    One of the greatest things about Michigan is the Fall leaves and the plethora of colour.  Go out and gather some leaves and a few branches or pine cones and some glue. Get a nice piece of paper or cardboard and build a Leaf/Stick person.  Maybe a bright leaf for the head, some sticks for arms, pine cones for eyes, go crazy! I’d recommend letting the kiddies gather and organize and then you glue with some super glue, but that’s how I went about it. And again, please, send us pics of your cool stick/leaf people.

  • 3. Lego Turkey

    You probably have some Legos at home, I know my son’s room has one-quarter of his room just filled with them. Why not build YOUR version of a turkey with all those Legos. Maybe a robot turkey, a king of turkeys, a cowboy turkey, a turkey ninja, etc. Build that turkey out of any colour and part you like. Send us those pics of your SUPER COOL LEGO TURKEY! 

  • 4. Peanut Butter Month

    Do you love peanut butter? If yes, this is the month for you! Perhaps get the kids together in the kitchen and work on some peanut butter cookies or peanut butter delights. Just remember to be mindful of those who cannot eat peanut butter if you give these treats out. Hey, if you have some great peanut butter treat receipts, we’d love to know about them!

  • 5. Apple Cider Tea Party

    Fall is not over yet so let’s party one last time before old man winter busts through the door like the Kool-Aid Man! Grab some warm or cold cider, whichever you prefer, some stuffies, little friends, some teacups and let’s have an Apple Cider Tea Party! 

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