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Do you have an extreme Christmas display you’ve seen in your neighborhood? We used to have a family that put up a ton of lights and it had a system where the lights coordinated with music. The house had a sign in front telling you what frequency to tune in on your car radio and BOOM… instant Christmas show. It was amazing! I was so sad when they moved. Cars used to constantly be pulled off in front of their house to check it out.

Recently, WCSX Listener, Bill Rossbach, sent us a video of an extreme Christmas display he saw in Warren.  You can’t imagine how many old-school light-up Christmas characters are in this yard (video below).  And they’re all in mint condition!  My first thought was, “How long did this take to set up?”  My next question was, “Where do you store all this when it’s not the holiday season?”  Followed by, “What is your electric bill?” If you find yourself in this area of Warren, I highly recommend checking it out at night when it’s all lit up.

I’ve seen some extreme Christmas displays online too.  Have you seen the Minion’s yard?  (video below) HOLY CRAP. There’s a TSO light show video too! I also found a video of Michigan’s Top 15 Christmas Light Shows in case you’re looking to go and want to see what they’re about before you get there. 🙂 I figured I’d share all of these with you in one fell swoop.

Extreme Christmas Displays

  • Warren -

    WCSX listener, Bill Rossbach sent this video to us.  I would love to know exactly HOW MANY light-up figures and string lights are here.

  • Minion's Display

    Matt needs a bigger yard.  Just figuring out how to get power to all of these makes my head hurt.

  • Christmas Home Light Shows

    My neighbor’s setup was NOWHERE NEAR this fancy, but I still loved it.  These people are all NEXT LEVEL.

  • Drone Christmas Light Show

    Ya know, in case you have 50 drones lying about that you know how to use to create a Christmas light show.  I stink at operating a single drone.  What these people in Texas did is mind-blowing.

  • You-Tubers Roll Out Their Best Finds

    This is crazy.  You-Tubers around the country shared videos of the most unbelievable Christmas light displays they’d seen.  I started the video at 40 seconds… there’s an intro piece, but I’m all about the displays.  These yards are UNREAL.  Some people have tours going through!



  • TSO Light Show!

    YEAH, BABY!  This display is paired with “Christmas Eve” by Trans Siberian Orchestra.  If you want to take a shot at winning tickets to TSO, on December 29th at LCA, CLICK HERE.

  • 500,00 Christmas Light Display!

    Rolf is a man in Germany who decided to go for it in the world of Christmas lights… 500,000!  This dude is a character.

  • UK Lady is NUTS For Christmas

    Joanne has 14 Christmas trees, a life-size Santa, and more.  Want to take a tour of Joanne’s home?

  • Michigan's Best Light Shows

    If you’re looking for a Christmas Light Show to take the family to and aren’t sure of where to go, Check out this video of Michigan’s Top 15 Christmas Light Shows according to Travel Guide.

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