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Favorite Kid's Cereals Celebrating National Cereal Day

Cereal Day is today, March 7th! What’s your favorite childhood cereal? I asked this on social media and compiled the stats to give you my list of favorite kid’s cereals in celebration of Cereal Day.  I also got some pro tips!  Robyn suggested, “Cinnamon Toast Crunch. You NEED to add the milk to the bowl first, so the cereal remains nice and crisp.” I never thought of that!  Are you a dunker?  My friend got into a giant argument with his wife after she dunked all the cereal in HIS bowl before stealing a bite.  He had the right to be mad.  I am not a dunker.

Screamin’ Scott said his two favorites were Freakies Cereal and Quisp.  I had to look these up. lol I grew up in the Flint area.  We didn’t have access to the Freakies and Quisp.  Freakies are no longer on the market (RIP).  Quisp is still made… it’s a Quaker product.

Cereal History

Cereal has been a go-to for breakfast for more than 150 years. In 1854, Ferdinand Schumaker, a German immigrant used a hand oats grinder to create oatmeal in Akron, Ohio. Ferdinand founded the German Mills Oatmeal Company which was the first oatmeal manufacturer in the United States. (

Battle Creek has a Cereal Festival every year!  This year the festival is on June 10th.  The festival celebrates Battle Creek’s history as the birthplace of the cereal industry.  They host a bunch of family-friendly events including live music, inflatables, and FREE CEREAL!

I geared up (literally) for Cereal Day by finding shirts for the Cereal Killers.  You can check out my finds when you CLICK HERE.  The Japanese vintage Tony The Tiger shirt is my favorite.  Now on to our list…

Favorite Kid’s Cereals

  • #7 Cinnamon Toast Crunch

    We learned our pro tip from Robyn… milk first THEN add the Cinnamon Toast Crunch to get a crispier bowl of cereal… I love that. I also love the Cinnamon Toast Crunch advertising campaigns. I found this compilation video. Enjoy!

  • #6 Fruity Pebbles

    We rarely got Fruity Pebbles.  I love them.  my mother was wonderfully sweet and supportive,  but when it came to cereal, the woman never read a label.  She felt Fruity Pebbles and Frosted Flakes were too high in sugar and refused to but them.  She did get us Lucky Charms and Boo Berry cereal… turns out the latter two are higher in sugar than the first two.  Whoops!

    Here’s a vintage Fruity Pebbles commercial from the ’70s hyping the swimming Fred Flintstone in every box!


  • #5 Cocoa Pebbles

    Were you a weird kid?  I was.  I was the only kid who didn’t like chocolate milk… it had to be white milk.  I never got into Cocoa Pebbles cause I felt like I was making chocolate milk.  Don’t get me wrong.  I would eat them in a pinch, but I preferred Fruity to Cocoa.  I know… I said I was weird.  Here’s the commercial from the ’80s where King Kong shows up and takes Betty… spoiler alert: Cocoa Pebbles saves the day.


  • #4 Honey Comb

    Some of the commercials of the ’70s are mindblowing.  Hello Honey Comb!  Here’s a vintage commercial because nothing says breakfast quite like a cowboy riding two dolphins with a small child through a log jam.  Tell me I’m wrong.

  • #3 Lucky Charms

    They really are magically delicious.  I loved them as a kid and I love them now.  Both my kids love Lucky Charms.  My brother-in-law will still occasionally bust out a bowl of Lucky Charms for breakfast.  Sugar grams be damned, I love you, Lucky Charms. Lucky Charms debuted in 1964.  Here’s the original commercial in all its glory.


  • #2 Count Chocula

    I feel like Count Chocula was the most popular of the big Halloween three.  I preferred Frankenberry.  I did love Boo Berry, but I over-ate it when I was five and then ended up barfing the majority of the box back up due to my over-indulgence. Ah, memories.

    Retro A Go-Go is a super cool internet-based shop that sells internationally.  They are based out of Howel and they have AMAZING cereal items. CLICK HERE to check out their General Mills collection.

    Here’s the Count Chocula/ Monsters metamorphosis of advertising between the ’70s and the ‘2000s.

  • #1 Cap'n Crunch

    Even though there’s been a HUGE debate over the Cap’n Crunch recipe change, it was also the most mentioned cereal.  AND the most mentioned cereal that people had eaten recently.  Marty Freirdman, is a guitarist and former member of Megadeath.  Marty lost his s#!+ when the Cap’n Crunch recipe changed:  “The recipe SUCKS now. Go Back to the original. Whatever you have done to cut costs or follow some stupid protocol, WILL FAIL. Cap’n Crunch is a CLASSIC. You have a responsibility to give it the respect it deserves. It tastes like SOAP now.” (from

    Having said that, Cap’n Crunch was great back in the day… maybe you like the new recipe too! A gentle reminder, when you have a mean babysitter, the Cap’n will show up, turn you and your sibling into cartoons and take you to a righteous party.  It’s a Cereal Day Party with the Cap’n!


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