WCSX City of the Week

Congratulations to Ferndale,

You’re the WCSX City of the Week from November 8th to November 14th!

Below are some important facts about Ferndale that you can use to pass our Ferndale City of the Week Quiz!

Ferndale Factoids:

  • When Ferndale Was Settled In

    Ferndale was first settled after the War of 1812, when people from Detroit moved inland in search of farmland.

  • Ferndale's First Tavern

    The first tavern in (what was later to be called) Ferndale was a log tavern built 1821 on what is now 8 Mile Road.  

  • Population Boom

    In 1918, Ferndale had 2000 residents.  Workers of Detroit’s auto industry grew the population to over 18,000 in just six years.

  • Ferndale Incorporated

    Ferndale became incorporated in 1927.

  • Ferndale Today

    Today Ferndale is a mix of older homes, blue-collar retirees, and light industry.  It has eclectic shopping, a wide range of dining options- from fine dining to funky diners, and a nightlife scene that is slowly rebuilding after the covid pandemic.

  • What Is Ferndale Known For?

    Ferndale is also known for it’s cultural diversity and inclusiveness.

  • 2006 City Ordinance

    In 2006 the city passed an anti-discrimination ordinance protecting LGBT people from discrimination in public accommodations, housing, and business, with 70% in favor and 30% in opposition.

  • Ferndale Patio Zone

    A hot new feature in Ferndale is the Ferndale patio zone, where you can grab a drink in an official Ferndale Patio Zone cup and stroll around downtown.  You can pay for your drink and Take It Outside! It’s a great way to support our local bars and restaurants and stay socially distanced.

  • Ferndale Slogans

    The old slogan of Ferndale is “The Friendly City” recently it has adopted the slogan  “You belong here”  and “Dtwn Ferndale – a great American street”.

  • Ferndale City of the Week Quiz

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