Please don't eat my house!

According to, this Sunday, December 12th, is National Gingerbread House Day. I recall when I was younger there were maybe one or two different types of pre-made gingerbread houses and now a trip to the grocery store reveals a wide assortment of choices from Hersheys to Sour Patch Kids. Whether you make yours from scratch or out of a box, making a gingerbread house tops most lists of fun Christmas activities.

Here’s a video from Tasty showing one way to make a gingerbread house from scratch and some cookies to accompany your gingerbread house. And it’s an old school grandma recipe too!

Some reasons to love Gingerbread House Day: 



  • 1. It has old fairy tale origins.

    The Brothers Grimm published the tale of Hansel and Gretel in the 19th century. The tale has captured our mind about gingerbread houses and both their sweet and possibly devious nature. Most versions of the story go as this: The siblings take a walk through some old scary woods to discover a cottage made of candy. Inside they find a witch whom entices them with sweets until they realize that it is only a trap! A trap so the witch can eat them! The tale usually ends with the witch being tricked by the children to crawl into her own oven.

  • 2. What a great activity for kids and adults alike

    You can build one from scratch or buy one of the pre-made boxed houses. Here’s a video of cute kids having a ball making their own.

  • 3. Ginger is said to be good for you.

    My gum drop buttons!

    I have heard this and can attest that I have generally added ginger to anything I thought may upset my weak stomach. And whenever a stomach ache occurs the first thing I try to get my hands on is a box of ginger snaps. Making some of your own cookies would be both a cost and stomach saving adventure for you and your family this weekend or any weekend. 


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