Wow, it’s all the buzz over the internet right now. At the 95th Annual Oscars the most interesting thing to happen wasn’t the winners of best picture or what all the stars were wearing. The big news was Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock after a poorly conceived joke. But as powerful as that slap was and whether or not it was staged are another thing all together. We compiled some of the best slaps cinema has given us over the years.

  • Tombstone

    Before Billy Bob Thornton really came into his own he was getting slapped HARD by Kurt Russell. Kurt, who plays Wyatt Earp slaps Billy Bob, who is playing a card shark. Still sends shivers up my spine. This one gets really intense so be ready when you watch it.

  • Airplane

    While slapping someone is a violent act, sometimes it can be great physical humor. A hysterical woman is treated to a series of slaps to “calm” her down. 

  • RockNRolla

    Guy Richie delivers a slap of a movie with RockNRolla. One of best control that henchman scenarios with good lessons on “slapping”

  • Moonstruck

    Cher delivers an infamous slap to Nicholas Cage. The slap became known as “The Cher Slap”

  • In the Heat of the Night

    Nobody slaps Sidney Poitier without getting slapped back. Sidney gives back in the Heat of the Night.


  • What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

    Yeeks! I’ve watched a lot of movies and this one was a really disturbing one. Supposedly Joan Crawford and Bette Davis really did hate each other and this slap tells it all!