Halloween Tips and Tricks

Halloween Tips and Tricks

Halloween Tips and Tricks


Let’s keep those little goblins and witches safe as they go door to door and get some treats and not so many tricks. National Today says October is Halloween Safety Month (a little on the nose, but I’ll go with it.

When I was a kid (old man alert), we stayed out way past the sun going down and my parents did little to prioritize my safety while trick and/or treating. But today kids are venturing more and more out as the pandemic slowly fades into the past. And today we are more focused on keeping our kids safe from all possible dangers.

The FDA has an extensive list of ways to keep our children safe this Halloween and the NCA broke it down into easier-to-follow guides as listed below. Have fun this Halloween and be safe.

  • 1. Costume Safety

    • Make sure all costumes are fire-resistant. I would hope this is a given in today’s world, but it pays to check.
    • The odds of your town allowing kids after dark are low, but if they do, make sure your children can be seen in the dark. Add reflective tape or even more fun glow sticks or crazy led lights! (make safety fun).
    • My kids rarely kept their masks on for more than a few minutes but if your kids do, make sure they can see well. And opt for non-toxic masks and makeup. My wife was crazy allergic to fake blood and paid dearly for her Carrie costume. (That’s a lot of blood! And no pictures to prove it!)
    • The kids are going to be tired after gorging on candy, but you got to make sure to clean that make-up off so they don’t have any reactions to it overnight.
  • Trick or Treating

    • At least one adult should be with the kids. A responsible and sober one would be best.
    • Older kids that can’t stand the parents being around better have an acceptable route and plan.
    • Determine a good come-home time for the kids going out on their own. Again, most towns have a very small window for Halloween now.
    • NEVER enter a stranger’s home or vehicle. Where’s McGruff to teach these kids right and wrong nowadays?
    • Come on! Put the devices down and pay attention! There’s going to be hundreds of little ones running around and you got to keep sharp! STAY FROSTY!
    • If your kids have allergies, have them wait till they get home to eat or make sure they talk to you first.
  • 3. Motorists

    • Watch for children EVERYWHERE! They are going to come out of every corner so watch for them
    • Enter and exit driveways carefully. Better yet, just wait, Halloween is only a few hours at best.
    • Even with curfews, there are going to be some kids out past and you still need to be careful.
    • Student drivers, maybe avoid the road for those few hours of Halloween. Why take the chance?

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