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Halloween Rock art by John Rios


I may have mentioned this once or a THOUSAND TIMES.  Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s fun, there’s candy and a tremendous amount of JAMS! It wasn’t easy to narrow my favorites down to ten, but I did. Which songs would you put in your top ten?  There are so many to choose from!  Alice and Ozzy are MUST HAVES on any list.  I found a great Halloween playlist on  Their list has 30 songs and many are different than my picks, but it’s a great list.

I chose my songs based on Halloween party vibes.  I love the slower Halloween songs, like The Eagles’ “Witchy Woman,” but I wanted to keep the list to ten, so I chose songs I could hear being played at a party. I also threw some curveballs in.

The great thing about music is that you can take it anywhere and it adds to the moment… everything is better with music.  Happy Halloween!

Here’s hoping for good trick-or-treating weather!  It’s hard to argue the sensibility of Trunk or Treat when we had a beautiful weekend and our usual TRASH weather for Halloween.  Reminds me of my Michigan childhood… those cheap K-Mart costumes that you couldn’t breathe through and my mom making me wear my winter coat over the plastic shirt part. LOL- Whatever!  I’ve got candy!  Come and get it, kids!

Doni’s Top Ten Halloween Rock Songs

  • Dead Man's Party - Oingo Boingo

    The original MTV video is awesome, but the only one I could find looked like someone recorded it with a VCR recorder in the ’80s.  Instead, here’s the very cool, Tim Burton video.


  • Bark at the Moon - Ozzy Osbourne

    THIS.. is Halloween. I love it!


  • Monster Mash - Bobby Borris Picket

    This video features an impossibly young Dick Clark and Bobby performing live… he OWNS it.


  • Welcome To My nightmare - Alice Cooper

    Pure Alice.  It’s so hard to choose just ONE Alice Cooper song to represent the Halloween feels.  I chose “Welcome to My Nightmare” because it is the epitome of a scary Halloween movie and the video is amazing.


  • Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon

    You can’t have Halloween classic rock without Warren Zevon.  Amazingly, this song started out as a homework assignment from the Everly Brothers.  You can get the story behind this song and 12 other intentional Halloween rock songs HERE


  • Bad Moon Rising - CCR

    Who doesn’t associate a full moon with Halloween?  Make it a BAD moon and you’ve really got the Halloween feels going.


  • Shout at the Devil - Motley Crue

    Nikki Sixx pushes his boundaries on this one.  Originally the song was “Shout With the Devil” but management asked Motley Crue to tone it down a bit.


  • Season of the Witch - Donovan

    Donovan was WAY AHEAD of his time.  This song is more about a drug bust than witches (a witch hunt).  Such a great song and a time capsule of early rock.  I found this cool edit/alternate version for the video. Enjoy!


  • Everyday is Halloween - Ministry

    This song, to me, is the EPITOME of Halloween rock.  As a teen of the ’80s, I still love this song, not just on Halloween, but EVERY DAY (see what I did there).


  • Thriller - Michael Jackson

    “Thriller” crosses all boundaries… it’s pop,R&B and it ROCKS.  Halloween night, no one is leaving the dance floor when this song comes on. It is a classic and it rocks…. and the video is THE BEST!

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