Big Jim’s House – I Thank You Salute

Here are the brave men and women who will joined Big Jim and Ryan Logan for the “I THANK YOU” luncheon.

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Listen to Big Jim’s interview with Marc Reneau Mortgage & Consumer Loan Manager, 1st Vice President at First State Bank


Vets Returning Home is a nonprofit and non-government funded organization dedicated to help our veterans transition into stable lives. Click here to donate and help them assist our veterans.  See how a recent generous donation helped them acquire a sensory deprivation float tank:

Congratulations to our winners:

  • Jennifer Loher

  • Michael Politowics

  • Winfried Renken

  • Norman Raab

  • Steve Rose

  • David Hawkins

  • Timothy Peltz

  • Katherine Vaughan

  • Brian Heikkuri

  • Seabron Bowler

  • Thank You Lunch