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What’s your favorite breakfast dish?

As a child, my mom made me french toast every Saturday morning… AND I got to eat in front of the TV and watch cartoons. Saturdays rocked. For whatever reasons, we didn’t use syrup on our french toast. We used powdered sugar… A LOT of powdered sugar. I still prefer powdered sugar over syrup with my french toast. Is it a Michigan thing, is my family weird or were we out of syrup? No idea.  These days my weekend breakfast for the family is Pillsbury cinnamon rolls.

If I go out for my first meal of the day, I would like to see some biscuits and gravy involved.  This is convenient because my mom LOVES Bob Evans like no other.  Every time I visit her I pick up lunch.  She always wants Bob Evans.  She says, “You know, I just don’t think I have ever gotten a bad meal there.”  It’s an inside joke in the family that Mom only wants to eat food from Mr. Evans.

What’s your go-to spot?

I’m definitely a fan of Bob Evans, IHOP, and Denny’s.  I have been going to Denny’s the longest.  Growing up just outside of Flint, we had a Denny’s on Pierson Road.  My friends and I definitely headed to Denny’s on more than one occasion around 3AM.  Denny’s recently put out statistics on consumers’ favorite items state by state. Their additional research says breakfast is the most important meal of the day (63% of those polled).  33% of Michiganders said eating breakfast helps them feel better during the day.    Do you eat breakfast EVERY SINGLE DAY? I should, but I don’t.  I’m not alone.  Only 43% of those surveyed said they eat breakfast every day.  For more on the study, CLICK HERE.

Here are Michigan’s top five breakfast items:

  • #1 Pancakes

    Pancakes are a family favorite for sure, but I couldn’t tell you the last time I ordered pancakes out. I must be weird.


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  • #2 Bacon

    How can bacon not be number ONE?!  Shenanigans.  In case you like pancakes AND bacon…


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  • #3 Eggs

    I do love some loaded eggs… even better, an OMELET.  Have you ever had cream cheese and jalapeno peppers in an omelet?  I HIGHLY recommend it.  There’s also the option of  “eggs over easy hashbrowns and toast.”


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  • #4 Sausage

    Are you a pancakes and sausage or pancakes and bacon kinda person? I prefer bacon with pancakes, but I love a breakfast sandwich with sausage

    Vintage illustration of butter melting on a stack of breakfast...

    Vintage illustration of butter melting on a stack of breakfast pancakes and sausages; screen print, 1955. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images

  • #5 Hashbrowns

    Not all hashbrowns are created equal. I like mine well done. My favorite hashbrowns are from Burger King or Mcdonald’s… but CHEESY HASHBROWNS are amazing too.


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    Well again, I guess I’m the odd man out. #FrenchToastLove

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