Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble!

What is Michigan’s most popular Halloween costume for 2022? The websites,, and have the WITCH as Michigan’s most popular. The Witch costume is a classic and not a huge stretch that it helps that Hocus Pocus 2 just dropped on Disney Plus. In addition to Witch, Michigan likes the Pirate, Mouse and Angel costumes also.

I have always WANTED to have and make great costumes, but I always seem to concentrate on the next animatronic monster or spooky prop. But when I get inspired I can get some pretty good ideas together for costumes. My favorite costume I ever did was my Cool Dude Alien. To create this costume, I combined a Metaluna Mutant mask from This Island Earth with an actual gas mask so I could breathe comfortably while wearing it.

Scary Hall Family

A couple that spook together, stay together!

My wife really excels at costumes and has won contests and goes to great effort to complete her costumes. One year that we have no photographic evidence of, she dumped a gallon of theater blood over her prom dress to be Carrie. While this may have been one of her greatest costumes it also caused her to have one of the most severe allergic reactions in her life. Art is pain!

While looking for Michigan’s most popular Halloween costume, I found Google’s Frightgeist, which is a really awesome list of every state’s favorite costume based on Google Trends. Turns out Witch is Number One costume nationally also. The site even breaks it down into certain areas of different states. For instance, Alpena’s top costume is Broken Doll. Traverse City, Detroit and Kalamazoo all love the Witch. And Flint/Saginaw like the Dinosaur.

What’s your favorite costume you’ve ever done?

Here’s a list of America’s Top 10 Costumes of 2022:

  • 1. Witch

    A classic that easily can be dated back to the beginning of Trick or Treating. Hocus Pocus 2 coming out so recently probably helped keep this at number 1.

  • 2. Spider-Man

    PETER PARKER! Yeah, the webhead is number 2. Spider-Man is always a cool costume. A fun character that all kids (and adults) love to dress as.

  • 3. Dinosaur

    Kind of surprised that Dinosaur is number 3, but dinosaurs are always a great go-to for kids. I have always loved dinosaurs and it stays inside your system no matter how old you get.

  • 4. Stranger Things

    And an easy one to put in the top ten. Stranger Things has been one of the coolest and trending shows of the past five years. Cue Kate Bush song…..


  • 5. Fairy

    A cute costume that always works well. Who doesn’t want to wear fairy wings? I know I do!

    Shark Puns 2022

    Scotty is the Shark Fairy….Fathom that!


  • 6. Pirate

    Now I think this needs to be broken down to Jack Sparrow/other Pirates. How many Jack Sparrows did you see at your local bar during Halloween?

  • 7. Rabbit

    Rabbit? Is this like toddler/baby best choice? I always would go with Pumpkin for the littlest ones.

  • 8. Cheerleader

    We always need a top sexy costume right? And a costume that can have so many variations. Zombie Cheerleader, goth cheerleader, etc.

  • 9. Cowboy

    Another classic stays in the top ten. Everybody likes wearing a big hat! I have a huge collection! Doesn’t get much better than Clint Eastwood and Doc Holliday! Love a good western.

  • 10. Harley Quinn

    A DC character is in the top ten along with Marvel’s Spider-Man. The ultimate fun, crazy and sexy character Harley Quinn. Surprised more comic characters didn’t break the top, but I’m sure they are somewhere in the top fifty.

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