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In 1981 MTV Music Television hit the airwaves with the words, “Ladies and Gentlemen, rock and roll.” I wondered what it would do for the bands in Michigan. Local Detroit bands didn’t take long to start making music videos alone. In the beginning, videos were cheaply made with Mom and Dad’s video camera.  A band with a record contract had the record label fork over some money to make a music video professionally.

Detroit Band

Bitter Sweet Alley

Before MTV Bands in the 60s were making what they called promotional videos of live performances or would lip sync to their hit song to get into venues and promoters. In the 80s Local Detroit bands got in the game as bands from England already got a big head start on all the bands in America.

Detroit Band Venue

Harpo’s Concert Theater

Detroit Band History With MTV

Detroit history: The Look was the first Local Detroit band on MTV with its “We’re Gonna Rock” clip in 1981. MTV rotated the band’s 1982 follow-up video of the single, “You Can’t Sit Down,” a Dovells R&B cover. The song made American Bandstand’s “rate-a-record” with a respectable score of 94. The Look had lots of  Detroit radio airplay.  Dave Edwards continues to write and record currently.


After some more digging and demand to see even more digging. Let’s take another trip back to some bands from Michigan that made us pack local venues 7 nights a week. Here are some Awesome Local Detroit bands videos that ruled the ’80s and ’90s.

Local Detroit Band Ad

Local In-House Paper Ad For Bands

Detroit Bands Played Great Venues

Some of these great bands played at some great local venues around town. A few that come to mind, are Harpo’s, The I-Rock, The Ritz in Roseville, The Hayloft East & West, Blondies, Jaggers, and others. We grew up in a great time for music in the motor city. Even some fans made road trips to Grand Rapids, Flint, and parts of Ohio. Don’t Forget even road trips to Canada to follow Detroit Bands.

Detroit Michigan Bands

Local Ad

Check out More Local Detroit Bands Videos That Ruled The 80s And 90s

  • Adrenalin - Road Of The Gypsy (Live at Harpo's)

    ADRENALIN- Originally released in 1986, Road of the Gypsy was the second (and final) album Adrenalin.  The song “Road of the Gypsy,” was featured on the Iron Eagle soundtrack. Largest band in Detroit with seven members on the stage. The Pastoria and Romeo brothers formed a new band titled DC Drive. With the addition of Doug Kahan on bass and Joey Bowen on vocals, DC Drive essentially replaced Adrenalin.


  • General Cluster Funk

    Mark Anderson (Drums), Joey Bowen (Lead Vocals), Jason Van Doorn (Guitar), Tom Wilber (Bass), and Russ Epker (Guitar) aka General Clusterfunk performing “In My Heart” at Conto’s, Flint, Michigan in 1994. This was one incredible band to see Live in concert.  A lot of talent on that stage.

  • The Almighty Strut

    Back in the 80’s,you could go out to any number of bars on any given nite and see awesome rockin bands like the Almighty Strut. These guys were the bad boys next Seduce. Both heavy hitters when it came to loud in your face rock and roll. “The Almighty Strut” In the 80s set them apart from the many other bands using the name “Strut”. An early line-up of the band featured Charlie Huhn, former vocalist/rhythm guitarist for Ted Nugent’s band. The late great Gunner Ross who played with logs for drumsticks. D.C. Steel, Earl Lee Pearl, Gunner Ross, Jimmie James.

  • Halloween

    Halloween” celebrating 40 years of rocking the Motor City and the world. The group was formed in 1983 by members Rick Craig, Brian Thomas, George Neal and Bill Whyte. Its debut album Don’t Metal with Evil was released in 1985 on the Motor City Metal label.

  • Toby Redd

     “Toby Redd”
    The band consisted of Dennis Martz, Tony Cutino, Chris Mazzola ( 1st drummer), Ron Dettloff, Denny Backos, and Chad Smith ( 2nd drummer). Popular in the ’80s, they came together to play a reunion show in New York NY.  Two great albums,” Toby Redd,” A to Z, and In The Light. 
  • Madam X

    “Madam X” is a Detroit hard rock band first active in glam metal during the 1980s. Originally formed by two sisters, Maxine and Roxy Petrucci, the band also featured male members John Grosjean, Bret Kaiser, and Chris Doliber, and later included future Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach. Roxy Petrucci was also in the band Vixen. The four original members are Bret Kaiser (vocals), Maxine Petrucci (guitars), Roxy Petrucci (drums), and Chris “Godzilla” Doliber (bass).

  • Bitter Sweet Alley


    Bitter Sweet Alley“: Dave Gersztyn, Tim Marko, Gary Spaniola, Bill Blake and Rich Nelson. Gary Spaniola is also a successful record producer living out in Arizona. Gary has also released a new book titled, “Moments,” a behind-the-scenes look into the many aspects of his life.

    The band had a hit song also called the theme song for the Summer of 1983 called, Time To Move.



    Pleezer a hard rock band from Detroit, Michigan, US, and one of those bands that just blow you away. Talented vocalist named Aaron Letrick that hits all the high notes, a phenomenal guitarist that shreds with the best of ’em and a bassist in the name of Kevin Chown. 

  • Slam Circus

    Video from a reunion show at Freddy’s bar and grill just before they remodeled. Slam Circus a very high energy feel good band.

  • Loudhouse

    “Loudhouse” was a hard rock band that was formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1989. The band consisted of vocalist Kenny Mugwump, drummer Vinnie Dombroski of Sponge fame, bassist Tim Cross, and guitarist Mike Cross. The second guitarist Joey Mazzola was added to the band near the end of their tenure. They released one full-length album in 1991 and disbanded in 1992.


    Running in the Night by “NO MERCY” bands members were Scott Anderson, Charlie Huhn, Gunner Ross, And Michael Lutz.


  • Motor City Rockers

    Jimmy Marinos (vocals), Robert Gillespie (guitar, piano, guitar), Greg Miller (guitar), Paul Petrucci (bass), Steve LaCross (drums). After Jimmy Marinos left the Romantics he took the sound and made it his own. Got to see them live a few times at the Ritz in Roseville. Still have the only cd released. Rocks from start to finish. 

  • Trash Brats

    “Trash Brats” who needed New York’s Glam scene when we had a better one right here at home? The live shows were incredible, raw, and loud and they drew a crowd. Beer sales went up as the band put the peddle to the floor with great originals and some cover tunes like “Jimmy Carrol’s” For the People Who Died. Brian McCarty, Craig Cashew, Jimmy Vegas, Ricky Rat, T.T. Barr, Toni Romeo. Incredible band. 

  • Feisty Cadavers

    Feisty Cadavers were a awesome punk band from Detroit, MI. Formed in the mid 80’s these guys played endless shows in the Detroit area back in the day… Sadly, Steve Krass the singer was shot in the head and killed in 1996. The Band was David CocagneEric HoskinsGaret StolbergGeorge WagasyJason PearceSteve Krass( R.I.P. ) 



    “Seduce,”  a heavy metal-power trio formed in Detroit in the 1980s. Seduce is best known for their appearance in a cult film The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization Part II, where they were the only band not based in Los Angeles to be featured in the documentary. Their unique sound was pure Detroit grit, and headbangers power metal.


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