The Motor City Comic Con October

The Motor City Comic Con October edition is coming next weekend! This edition of the con features many horror-themed guests and celebrities. It’s been a long time, over a decade since Motor City Comic Con has had a two-show year. The Motor City Comic Con October is going to be on October 14th – 16th and you can get tickets right here.

If you are a horror fan or just want another dose of comic con before the holidays, this is going to be the show for you. Just some of the names that are going to be there include Alice Cooper, Elvira and some of the cast from Hocus Pocus. Down below I’ve listed some of the celebrities and guests that will be there.

  • Alice Cooper!

    For me this one is huge. How often do you get a legend of theatrical rock horror at a comic con? Alice is no stranger to comic books either as he has written and been featured in many comics over there years. My friend Chris Yamber and Alice worked together on a Simpsons Treehouse of Horror comic that also included KISS. If you want to more about Alice, check this out.

  • Elvira

    One of the most beautiful, talented and hilarious women to exist in comedy and horror. Elvira, aka Casandra Peterson, has been on stage since she was seventeen being the youngest showgirl in Las Vegas history. According to a blurb from her biography Yours Cruelly on, Casandra said this

    “The show was called Elvira’s Movie Macabre and debuted in September 1981, just days before my 30th birthday. It ran in the Los Angeles area every Saturday night at midnight and repeated on Sunday afternoons as an alternative to the football games that were airing on all other channels. Our first show featured the 1972 horror snore-fest Grave of the Vampire.”

    The rest is history as phone calls from fans poured in. Casandra went on to host many cheesy horror films for years, made two feature films and became a horror icon.

  • Matt Smith

    Doctor Who? No really, he’s the ELEVENTH Doctor. Cast when he was 27 years old. While Doctor Who is one of the franchises I have not fit into my rotation, I know the fan base is one of the strongest. Is Matt one of your favorite “Doctors”? 

  • Vinessa Shaw

    Look, I am not going to apologize that I had a major crush on Vinessa who plays Allision in Hocus Pocus. She was one of the teens trying to evade and defeat the Sanderson Sisters.

  • Omri Katz

    And vice versa, my WIFE will not apologize for having a crush on Omri. Ahhh the wild times when you’re in high school and fifteen years old. Omri Katz was the lead character Max in Hocus Pocus. Lol, the bullies from Hocus Pocus recreate their scene with Omri. 

  • James “MURR” Murray

    The Impractical Joker, James Murray is going to be there! Impractical Jokers is a show that I have watched from the beginning and over and over again. Favorite scene ever is James jumping on a couch during an apartment sketch…. 


  • Danny Lloyd

    Come on! It’s the kid from The Shining! REDRUM! As horror icons go, you can’t get much bigger than Danny. Oh man, that movie is so good!

  • Steven Williams

    Ooooo, it’s the creepy Mr X from X-Files! If you go far back enough you would remember him also from 21 Jump Street (You know, the one the lovable Johnny Depp starred in). 

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