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Alice Cooper and Some Guy named Screamin

Saturday, February 4th Vincent Damon Furnier aka Alice Cooper, will celebrate 75 years of shock, so this is my birthday wish to Alice Cooper!

Mr. Cooper is my childhood music hero! I remember listening to the radio as a kid, on a little transistor radio, waiting for one of his songs to come on the AM radio frequency. From, “School’s Out,” to “Detroit City 2020″… each Cooper classic had a story behind it in my life growing up. To concerts, chance meetings, as well as a secret game of golf… I’ve had some wonderful experiences through the years and one of my all-time favorite artists, Alice Cooper.

As the, “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” Alice is down to earth; even my parents who were pretty scared at first, got used to Ole Black Eyes when he appeared on the Muppets show. With that being said, happy birthday to Alice Cooper… here are the following stories of how Alice Cooper’s Music was a part of my life:

  • Alice Cooper Is it My Body

    “Is It My Body” was my first Alice Cooper album and I didn’t even discover the first two releases until later on. The album looked so cool to a seven-year-old! The “Big Hit” was” I’m Eighteen”, but this was the first song that grabbed my attention on this iconic album. The unique vocals were not like other singers at the time… they were smooth and polished. The Year was 1970 and I was discovering a whole different type of rock and roll!

  • Alice Cooper Under My Wheels

    “Under My Wheels” is a great song that starts with a vamp and just rocks! The song is currently on my band’s set list and starts our live shows.

  • Alice Cooper's School's Out

    Talk about a brilliant idea… “School’s Out”. This was a song that was, and might still be, played at the end of a school year. So, the fans made sure that this song was played every year, over and over again, to mark the start of Summer. The requests to radio stations must have been HUGE! To me, the best idea for a song that makes kids happy. I bet the record executives who are hard to please we’re very happy with the song’s success.

  • Alice Cooper's "Elected."

    “Elected” is another great tune that gets played around any election time. Talk about a great idea… Alice Cooper really knows how to create music that lasts.

  • Alice Cooper , "Welcome to My Nightmare."

    This whole album brings back being over at my neighbor’s house. They had this old beat-up stereo/tv unit and the TV didn’t work but the kids still used the turntable it had to play records. One of the records was “Welcome to my Nightmare.”   We had this album AND another Alice Cooper greatest hits album to enjoy while we played Ping Pong.

  • Alice Cooper Goes to Hell

    Funny story; after I purchased this album, I had a doctor’s appointment and didn’t want to let it out of my hands… So, I took it with me to the appointment! The Nurse noticed and said her son had just gotten the same album. My mother was none too happy with the title, “Goes To Hell”, but she let me listen to it anyway and had no additional problems with it.

  • Alice Cooper "Clones"

    The 80’s Alice Cooper was unique and, to me, a fine-tuned Coop, I found myself loving the “Flush the Fashion” album! It had such great lyrics and it was kind of a toss-back to how Alice recorded his earlier albums. Also, as a side note, the concert was AWESOME! This is close to my mind because it was the start of my radio career in High School; so, it was a dream come true for me to play Alice Cooper as a DJ on the radio. I would later on in my career bring him on stage for many concerts and even play a round of golf with him on a visit to see him in Texas. Glad to celebrate a very Happy Birthday to a true Detroit Legend!