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A pair of NFL commentators are speculating about Tom Brady joining the Detroit Lions. Now, the NFL world is reacting, and it’s not pretty.

During Tuesday’s (Jan. 24) PFT Live, Chris Simms and Mike Florio discussed possible destinations for Brady. In a new article via NBC Sports, Florio writes, “Wouldn’t that be something? Tom Brady, back in Michigan. Tom Brady, with a Lions team that finished 2022 strong. A Lions team with an impressive nucleus of talented players. A Lions team that quarterback Jared Goff may be able to lead on a deep run in the postseason, but may not be able to take over the top. Brady has shown he can do it. Seven times. And while he’s 46, if the Lions want to finally make an appearance in the Super Bowl and possibly even win it, Brady could give them a better chance to do it than Goff.”

  • Jeremy Reisman

    Jeremy Reisman of Pride of Detroit makes a great point, stating, “Not that this take even deserves a legit response, but taking Brady would permanently burn the Goff bridge for a one-year shot at a title that the Lions likely aren’t ready to make. (And it hasn’t gone well for Tampa in the past 2 years.) But sure, sell tickets for 8 games.”

  • Brad Berreman

    Brad Berreman of SideLion Report has a great observation, saying, “There’s no denying the impact Brady would have on the business side for any team he would realistically sign with. But the Lions don’t need any help there, with the league’s biggest spike in attendance from 2021 to 2022 as the final chunk of home games this year were sellouts. There may be something to having more games scheduled in prime national viewing spots because Brady is the quarterback, but the Lions are already in line for more of those next season.”

  • Danny Bennett

    Danny Bennett of SideLion Report simply says, “No, Tom Brady isn’t coming to the Detroit Lions,
    @ProFootballTalk , stop it 🤣🤣” Lol!

  • ProFootballTalk

    Here’s the story that started it all. “As Tom Brady scours the league for his next potential destination, a return to Michigan could make plenty of sense, both for him and for the Lions.”

  • Kyle Koster

    Kyle Koster of TheBigLead.com has an article with the headline, “Keep Tom Brady the Hell Away from the Detroit Lions.” Ha!

    Keep Tom Brady the Hell Away from the Detroit Lions

    Tom Brady needs a place to play football next season because he still seems unwilling to face the real world. He has no shortage of options because he has seven Super Bowls to his name and is perfectly capable of being the starting quarterback on a competitive football team.

  • The WRIF

    We have our own article about the speculation. “I admire Brady, but I want Goff to stick with the Lions. I think he has what it takes to get us to the next level,” says Anne Erickson.

    There’s Speculation About Tom Brady Joining the Detroit Lions
  • Does anyone want Brady coming to Detroit?

    It doesn’t appear so. Sports illustrated points out that upon the news, “Fans immediately took to social media to express confusion, frustration and anger regarding Florio’s assertions.” It appears Goff is our guy!

    NFL Fans React to PFT Debating Tom Brady Joining Lions

    The Detroit Lions' front office and coaching staff have repeatedly stated that Jared Goff is the starting quarterback in 2023. Despite Goff's solid play, ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio still debated the benefits of the Lions signing a future Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback, after his co-host Chris Simms brought up a team that has a chance to achieve success in 2023.