The Coney dog has been a staple in Detroit for over a century. But the standard Coney dog is not the only dog out there. According to, there is no lack of new recipes challenging the classic Coney.

At WCSX we are no strangers to the hot dog after running our Coney Fight Bracket to determine who has the best Coney in Michigan. But we are always excited to try something new!

From pineapple to hotdogs wrapped in bacon, the flavors get wild! If you are adventurous and want to broaden your hot dog culinary resume, perhaps some of these hot dog joints and their fancy dogs are worth a bite.

  • Atomic Dawg

    Atomic Dawg is located in Berkley. They have some wild dogs like the Hula which includes teriyaki sauce, grilled pineapple, and Japanese mayo. Or maybe the Swanky Franky is more your style slathered with jalapeno lava cheddar. And any of the dogs can be made into a vegan dog. Bonus, their burgers look crazy and huge! Look at the Atomic Blue. I’ll take anyone on in a challenge to eat that in one sitting!

  • Laika Dog

    Laika Dog is located inside the UFO Factory, a hangout spot in Detroit known for music and art shows. This is where true hot dog adventure is. Did you ever ask, what would PB&J be like as a hotdog? Well, now you will at Laika Dog. Maybe it’s 8 a.m. and you are still craving a hotdog, but hotdogs are not for breakfast right? How about a delicious Waffle Dog? And because everyone loves options, they also have vegan dogs available. 

  • Diamond Dogs

    One thing I always love to see is the pop-up-mobile restaurant. Diamond Dogs is not a place but a hotdog vendor located on 1388 Gratiot Ave in Detroit.
    Ms. Diamond serves twelve different dogs including the Chicago Style and of course the Red Hot Franks. Literally a diamond in the rough.

  • Vinsetta Garage

    Another delicious hot dog place in Berkley. Vinsetta Garage offers two very wild hot dogs on the menu. One is the 3 A.M. Dog which is covered in house-made bacon jam (good lord I have to see that), sriracha mayo, a sunny-side-up egg, and spicey fried onions. And is it a hot dog or a pizza? I don’t know but they have Sir Shakes Coney Pie, a pizza topped with hot dogs, chilli, mustard and onions. 

  • Amar Pizza

    We had a pizza/hot dog combo at Vinsetta, what could Amar Pizza offer us, hot dog lovers? Well, Amar Pizza puts Bangladeshi ingredients into both their pizza and their hotdogs. So how about a tandoori hot dog covered in cilantro and onions? 

  • Imperial

    Hey! Right down the road from WCSX, Imperial is located on Woodward Avenue. Imperial is famous for their Sonoran-style hot dogs. Take all the best Mexican flavors: beans, chorizo, and queso fresco and put that on top of a bacon-wrapped hot dog! But even if all that delicious meat is not your style, they also offer a vegan dog.