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Who doesn't love a good pickle man?

Happy Pickle Day!  Today we celebrate those juicy little bites of deliciousness.  As much as I LOVE a dill, I can’t stand sweet pickles.  I think it may be mental.  I taste a sweet pickle, but still think it should be a dill, thus it tastes terrible.

Check out the origin of the word plus why an old German tradition has people playing “hide the pickle” on their Christmas tree plus deals and more!  It’s a PICKLEPALOOZA!  We’ve also been known to celebrate pickles at the Michigan Renaissance Festival

Origin of the word “pickle”

As explained by, the word “pickle” comes from the Dutch word “pekel,” which means brine. The word typically refers to a pickled cucumber. However, just about any fruit or vegetable can be pickled… plus pickled pigs’ feet: #Nothanks

Big thanks to Kimmie and Murray for emailing me to make sure that I didn’t let this “Reason to Celebrate You May Be Unaware Of” pass us by!  Also, here’s my most embarrassing picture with these tasty brined cucumbers… I fell victim to the Pickleman.

A note from doni: "TO BE CLEAR... I knew this was a bad idea for a picture."

Pickles!  Get your Pickles here! A note from Doni: “TO BE CLEAR… I knew this was a bad idea for a picture.”

Yesterday was Tongue Twister Day.  With “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,” this is a natural segue into today’s holiday.  Well done, Universe.

Doni’s Pickle Day Picks!

  • The Vlasic limited edition PICKLE Candle

    Vlasic has partnered with Candier by Ryan Porter to sell a candle that looks and smells like an actual jar of pickles (like floating wax pickles in clear wax). The limited-edition candles are on sale now for $29 each on the Ryan Porter website (while supplies last).

  • Free Pickle from Jimmy Johns

    Freaky Fast rewards members can get a free pickle today (November 14th). They also have Pickle Day merchandise online at the Jimmy John’s Store, (while supplies last).


  • Free Pickle from Potbelly

    Potbelly is offering a signature whole pickle for free (today November 14th) with the purchase of any entree when ordering online or through the Potbelly app using the code “pickle”. Entree orders include any sandwich, whole salad, bowl of soup, or Pick Your Pair.


  • The Christmas Pickle Tradition

    There’s an old-school German tradition involving Christmas and pickles. According to Matha, on Christmas Eve, after the children have fallen asleep, parents sneak downstairs and hide the pickle ornament in the boughs of the tree. Because of its green color, it blends into the evergreen and is hard to spot. The first child to find the ornament on Christmas morning is granted the privilege of unwrapping a special gift from under the tree.

  • Bonus: City of the Week at McClure's Pickle Factory 2019

    Heads up: The sound quality is not so bueno.

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