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Yes, the Jim Harbaugh talk continues. Because, literally everyone in the college football story is talking about this story. I’m a Spartan, but my best friend went to Michigan, so I feel personally invested in the decision! Here’s the latest on the Harbaugh rumors and why he, reportedly, might be dreaming of getting back to the NFL.

  • The latest on Jim Harbaugh

    Longtime Notre Dame defensive line coach Mike Elston is reportedly leaving to join Jim Harbaugh in Ann Arbor. That’s leading to speculation that he will stay. Oh, the drama continues!

  • University of Michigan drama

    Michigan school president Mark Schlissel was reportedly let go from his position by the school’s Board of Regents, due to an alleged illicit relationship with a subordinate.

  • Could the Schlissel news impact Harbaugh's decision?

    “Now with the president out, there is suddenly a lot of unknowns surrounding the future of the program. There could be a strong likelihood Harbaugh doesn’t want to stick around for the fallout to come from that mess. In fact, one has to wonder if he saw it coming and slowly began drifting towards the exit door,” says SportsMockery.com.

  • Why would Harbaugh so desire to get back with the NFL?

    According to Pro Football Talk, “At age 58, Harbaugh wants to get back to the Super Bowl and win it.”

    They add, “He had that chance in 2012, losing the trophy to, of all people, his brother. Maybe Jim’s desire to get one flows directly from the fact that he has a family member who’s already climbed the mountain.”

  • Is the feeling mutual?

    Pro Football Talk also says that while nobody has stepped up to really comment on a specific location for Harbaugh, there are lots of possibilities, from the Bears to Raiders to Vikings. “For now, Harbaugh is waiting to see whether anyone is interested in him,” the publication states.

  • Who Will Michigan Hire If Jim Harbaugh Goes to the NFL?

    A new report from ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg says there’s one guy at the top of Michigan’s list. ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg says Alabama offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien would be the guy to take the job at Michigan. “Would expect Alabama offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien to generate some traction for the job,” Rittenberg said. “He would have been a serious candidate after the 2020 season if Michigan and Harbaugh parted ways.”

  • Rittenberg also mentions two internal candidates for the job

    He says offensive coordinator Josh Gattis would be a primary candidate.

  • One final name

    He also said Michigan running backs coach Mike Hart is a potential replacement.

  • Harbaugh's response to the rumors

    “It’s a little more enjoyable this year compared to the rumors last year, so,” Harbaugh said when asked about the latest NFL talk. Really, Jim? You’re just going to leave us hanging? Okay, then. Urgh! We’ll keep you posted on this story.

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