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JETT The Rock Dog waiting for his favorite Midnight Snack

February is National Snack Food Month, so for the rest of this month, I will focus on snacking in every way possible! Most days, I need a snack or five to make it through the day… and if I only make nutritious choices, that’s no fun.  What are your favorite midnight snacks?

Snacking more can have a positive on our overall health. There are times to be healthy and sometimes the bad snacks are fine if you enjoy them in moderation. Now a reminder: the choices I am about to tell you are not from a nutritional standpoint. The snacks I list are my favorites from over the years. You might agree to disagree with my choices. Others might look at and say, “Oh Yeah Baby.” Some snacks came from local establishments. Feel free to visit our local businesses. Tell them I sent you. It won’t mean anything, but it’s still fun to say, “Screamin’ Scott sent me.”

The definition of a Midnight Snack is a small portion of food generally eaten around midnight. Obvious, yes?  Snacks come in a variety of forms including packaged snack foods and other processed foods, as well as items made from fresh ingredients at home. Leftovers can be Midnight Snacks.  See if your favorites align with my choices.  Late after a night out, there is nothing like my favorite Midnight Snacks by the refrigerator light.

  • Midnight Snacks #1 TACOS

    Taco Snack

    Drunk Tank Brian Enjoys A Taco

    Good friend, Brian Paul Ermoyan, agrees with me as you can never go wrong with a Taco. Think of this, have you ever seen somebody sad with a taco? Never in my life have I ever cried over a taco. An excellent choice for a Midnight Snack is tacos.


  • Midnight Snack #2 Leftover Pizza



    Leftover Pizza

    The minute you open the fridge your eyes will be laser-focused on a box of PIZZA. The gamble is always when you open the box to see how many slices are left in the box. Anything more than 2 slices is a win in my book. Never have to worry about brands when it comes to Midnight Snacks. Unless there is a name on the box. That’s the only common rule to follow. Don’t be that person who disregards the holding pizza note and eats it anyway. Unless you leave your own note with a promise to replenish the slices taken. There is always leftover pizza around the WCSX studios.

  • Midnight Snack #3 Lasagna


    Home Made Lasagna

    Once you start Midnight Snacks you can’t stop. Lasagna is liquid gold at Midnight. Nothing fills that space in your stomach more than Lasagna hot or cold. Sometimes they say it tastes even better the next day. Midnight is the next day, right?

  • Midnight Snack #4 Salad


    Green Salad

    Just a Salad

    Ha! Just kidding you, nobody eats a salad at Midnight. Go to #5

  • Midnight Snack #5 Cookies


    Midnight Snack Delicious Cookies

    Midnight Snacks also include a sweet tooth and cookies hit the spot. Wash it down with ice-cold milk and you will know why Santa loves it so much.

  • Midnight Snack #6 Favorite Breakfast Cereal

    Cold Cereal

    Who says you have to eat cereal just at breakfast? Midnight snacks must include cereal. The only thing missing is cartoons. When all else fails at the fridge, there is always the midnight snack of champions.  Nothing is more satisfying than a large bowl of your favorite cereal. Or even better treat yourself to your kid’s cereal. They’ll never know because they should be fast asleep.

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