What are the states with the highest heating bills this winter? Predictions

What temperature do you keep in your house during the winter months? I asked around the office and I was surprised at how VARIED the responses were… anywhere from 65-73 degrees. You know what DTE says, “Every degree counts.” Moneygeek.com researched states with the highest heating bills this winter (find their predictions below).  They analyzed usage from last year and allowed for natural gas price increases in this coming year.

The national average for the U.S. was $201 per month last winter.  Based on usage and price increases, Moneygeek’s prediction for this coming winter puts the national average at $257 per month.  Remember though, some states use electricity for heat rather than natural gas.

Where do you think Michigan fell?  Spoiler alert… we’re not number one, which is a good thing. Being number one for states with the highest heating bills isn’t really an honor we want. Sadly, Michigan IS one of the higher states for natural gas price increases (roughly $46 per month).  In the Midwest, Illinois ($52), Michigan ($46) , and Ohio ($40) are looking at the biggest monthly jumps due to the increase of natural gas prices.

States With Highest Heating Bills This Winter

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