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Loved this guy! He asked me to "smell his foot" which was unattached and in his hand.

Halloween time is almost here so let’s get ready for the costume contests, here are the best places to find those winning costumes…

We’re just over a month from Halloween.  Have you figured out costumes yet?  If you wait too long, you have to settle for whatever’s left after all the stores are picked over.  But it’s still early enough to shop online.

Man am I excited for this years Halloween festivities! I will be able to dress my baby up for the first time, even though he won’t remember the night, my wife and I will! We are not 100 percent sold on what to dress him as but I know my wife will want to match the family. There are a few options I have thrown out there for Finn, but my favorite is a Baseball. Those who know me know I love baseball so dressing Finn up as one would be awesome!

Then I thought, why don’t my wife and I dress as Baseball players. Finn can be the ball and we will be the players, I think that would be super fun as a family.

Now some of us love to go into the store and check out the costumes first hand, but for those with limited time we have found the best places to get your costumes online!

If you want to buy your Halloween costume online, the best sites include,, . . . and if you’re looking for a SEXY version of a costume,

When it comes down to it, be what you want! If your kid wants to be a vampire for the 5th year in a row, let them! I remember growing up, I was a Power Rangers for the first 10 years it felt like.

No matter what, have a great Halloween and don’t forget to try all of your kids candy!

Here are a few of the best sites for Halloween costumes


Should kids have school the day after?



    If you DO wait too long, it’s your best last-minute option.


    It’s a good place for video game-related costumes.


    They’ve got a lot of trendy costume ideas, that the kids will love 


     It’s good for handmade, one-of-a-kind stuff.  But don’t wait much longer, as orders tend to take some time


    It’s a good place for kids’ costumes.


    They’ve got stores everywhere, but also a website with a the costumes you see in store as well as different online exclusive outfits. 


     Always a good budget option, especially for kids.


    Another great budget saving option.


    It’s the go-to spot for SEXY costumes.  A few on their current “most popular” list include sexy firegirl . . . sexy Sherlock Holmes . . . sexy “Top Gun” characters . . . and sexy gummy bear