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The Romantics "Talking In Your Sleep"

The Romantics are historical Detroit rock at its finest! They achieved great success with their catchy energetic songs and stylish, memorable music videos. The Romantics most successful songs were “What I Like About You” and “Talking In Your Sleep”. Below we have some facts about The Romantics and some great photography. Note: one of the photographers is Frank Pettis. Frank was one of the first to photograph The Romantics in 1977. Frank shared some photos from that shoot (taken at The Red Carpet). You can find Frank Pettis at the WCSX Classis Rock Swap on March 19th at the Oakland Mall. And now, the facts and photos!


  • 1. So Many Musical Influences

    Their influences came from a slew of various sources. Music like the 60s British invasion, such as The Kinks, The Who, The Beatles, The Hollies and the Rolling Stones. And also Detroit garage rock and hard rock like Iggy Pop, The Stooges and MC5.

    The Romantics

  • 2. The origin of the name

    Called “The Romantics” because the band formed on Valentines Day in 1977.



  • 3. They were fashionistas!

    The band also became well known for its fashion. Their signature look was the bouffant hair and skin-tight leather suits. This look was shown prominently on their debut album. 

    The Romantics - ‘The Romantics’

    Released January 4, 1980.

  • 4. I want my MTV!

    The Romantics achieved their greatest success during 1983/1984 with the release of their album In Heat. The single taken from In Heat, “Talking In Your Sleep” rose to Number Three on the Billboard charts. They also had their music videos shown on MTV during that time which only increased their popularity. 

  • 5. Problems with management

    The Romantics discovered, in the 80s, that their managers had been misappropriating profits earned from its hit records and live performances of the band. Additionally, songs were being used in commercials without the band’s consent. And because of this, The Romantics took their management to court in 1987. This legal battle prevented the band from recording new music till the mid-90s. 

  • 6. Revolving Drummers

    In 1984, drummer Jimmy Marinos left the Romantics, and he was replaced by David Petratos, who would serve as the band’s drummer until 1990. Blondie drummer, Clem Burke replaced David Petratos in 1990. Jimmy Marinos returned for a brief period of shows and then Clem Burke was replaced by Brad Elvis in 2004.

  • 7. Official Legends

    On June 2011, The Romantics were voted into the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame.

  • Gallery of The Romantics

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