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which cities have the rudest kids in the U.S.? (Photo by gpointstudio from iStock/GettyImages)

I’ve seen the news on the Rudest Cities being released, but now we have the rudest kids in the U.S. as survey fodder. The list is phenomenal because the stats are made up of residents’ input. These are neighbors and family members chucking their own kids under the proverbial bus. How can you not love this?

Spoiler Alert

Philly wins again. Philly got the title of Rudest City and Rudest Kids… and Philly doesn’t give a flying Fig Newton about it.  If anything, they’re proud of it. I lived in Philly for six years and on the East Coast for nearly 20 years. Philly is tough. They shred their own kids, but if YOU try to do it, they’ll shred you. I make this statement with the utmost respect and love for Philadelphia… in the hopes that they don’t shred me.  In my time in Philadelphia, I found many people have a rough exterior but are also extremely loyal.  If the Eagles have a bad season, they’ll show up with Eagles jerseys and paper bags on their heads or fly the Eagles flag at half-mast, but THEY SHOW UP.  We’ll discuss Santa later.

How Were The Top Cities Decided? ran the survey and asked, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how rude are the kids in your city?”  The survey broke it down by age groups too: 5-8, 9-12, 13-17.  You’ll never guess which age group ranked the highest #sarcasm. Teens, of course, got hit the hardest.  I have sympathy for the teen group.  My son, Jake, is 13.  He can be SO RUDE, but I chalk most of that up to him learning how to be considerate of others and what the rules of the adult world are.

Kids are not naturally nice, in my opinion.  We need to teach them civility.  Having said that, Jake’s learning of this has been SLOOOOOW GOING… at least inside the house.  Other parents will tell me how nice and polite he is.  I guess the whole “Devil inside the house/angel outside” adage is true and it’s better than nothing.  BTW, the study also found respondents saying that 49% of kids were the rudest to their parents.

Respondents were also asked what the rude behaviors were.  Top answers included paying more attention to their phones than anything else, cursing, and playing music or videos too loud.  It’s like they’re in the car with Jake and me. Scroll down to check out the top ten cities.

The Rudest Kids in The U.S.

  • #10 Detroit, Michigan

    SCORE: 6.0

    Ouch. I was born in Michigan and have called the metro Detroit area my home for years, so this stings.

    This video is NSFW.  It has bad language and I’m 99% sure that it was set up, but it’s still hilarious.  “This ain’t want you want, young man.”  Unless what the young man was looking for was a head slap.

  • #8 Chicago, Illinois (tie)

    SCORE: 6.04

    We laughingly acknowledge the “rudest kids in the U.S.,” but sometimes it’s no laughing matter.  Sometimes, kids and their rude behavior have life-changing effects.  This video is NSFW and has bad language.  It’s about a school in Chicago that handles kids with behavioral and emotional needs/issues.

  • #8 Milwaukee, Wisconsin (tie)

    SCORE: 6.04

    Here’s a lady from Milwaukee going OFF after some kids were driving rudely… I mean REALLY RUDELY.  Also, it seems to be a pattern: this video has some bad (but beeped) language.

  • #7 Louisville, Kentucky

    SCORE: 6.14

    This story made it all the way to Louisville from Canada.  A mother made her kids walk 4 miles to school after they were rude to their bus driver AND they had to carry signs.

    Mom makes boys walk to school, draws complaints, praise online | CBC News

    The Children's Aid Society is questioning an Ontario mother's decision to post pictures of her sons walking seven kilometres to school carrying a cardboard sign as a punishment for being rude to their bus driver.

  • #6 Jacksonville, Florida

    SCORE: 6.15

    Dudes.  Jacksonville… pull it together.  This isn’t about the kids… this is the brawl from a Mother’s Day event at a local park with a playground just feet away.

  • #5 Columbus, Ohio

    SCORE: 6.43

    Sigh… this video is not helping the teen image in Columbus, Ohio.  These teens threaten the police after people at the party got busted for having guns.  This video is NSFW (bad language). The video has over 5 million views.

  • #4 Las Vegas, Nevada

    SCORE: 6.52

    Teens on a plane in Las Vegas: I feel this is a great example of kids not really knowing what is socially acceptable and it results in “rude behavior.”  This video jumps around to different scenarios, which is frustrating, but basically, a group of teens traveling to a BMX rally in Las Vegas really fire up the other passengers.

  • #3 New York City, New York

    Score 6.55

    Maybe the Big Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… New Yorkers have been accused of less-than-friendly behavior on more than one occasion… kids and adults alike.  But again, these are New Yorkers rating their own kids on rudeness.  Doesn’t that seem rude in and of itself? #Ikid

  • #2 San Francisco, California

    SCORE: 6.78

    If you’ve been to the Stonestown Mall, you’ll be giving a straight-up 10.  Again, I want to understand and treat teens compassionately, but videos of brawls like this don’t make things easier.  Most of this post is meant to be light and up-beat, but this is the other side of that.

  • #1 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    SCORE: 7.21

    As discussed in the beginning, Philadelphians are a unique breed.  Tough, loyal, and known for their conduct at sporting events.  I had the famous snowballing of Santa explained to me by a Philly native. He said, “He was a $h!++y Santa.  If he had been a good Santa, that never would have happened.”  Philly, God I love you so much, you rude, mean b@$+@rds.  Surprise:  This video has NSFW language.

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