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SURVEY SAYS… Thanks! Earlier this week, I asked for help with a survey: Name a Classic Rock Song with a LOCATION in the Title. A LOT of people responded. What I love about asking for your help with surveys: it reflects what people think in OUR community. Here are the Top Ten most responded answers on social media. You’ll soon see that the responses definitely had some Michigan feels.

  • #10 Panic in Detroit - David Bowie

    The story behind this song, to the best of my understanding: Iggy Pop had firsthand knowledge of the 1967 Detroit Riots.  Iggy was friends with David Bowie and told David about his experiences.  It inspired David to write “Panic in Detroit.”

  • #9 Panama - Van Halen

    One of my favorite DLR stories: during the 80’s, Dave was accused by an interviewer of only writing songs about “sex, drugs, and fast cars.”  This made Dave realize that he’d never written a song about a car before and he wrote “Panama.” PS: it’s not really about cars or Panama.  It’s about a stripper.

  • #8 Nutbush City Limits - Bob Seger

    Seger has a LOT of songs with locations in the title (we’ll get into that further into the countdown), including this one, which was written by Tina Turner.

  • #7 Main Street - Bob Seger

    Told ya! Bob Seger’s second of three entries in our Top Ten.  Michigan LOVES them some Seger.

  • #6 Highway to Hell - AC/DC

    At first glance, you might think “That’s not exactly a location,” but remember, you’re in Michigan.  Welcome to Hell…  Hell, Michigan.   The song is written about an actual place in Australia, Canning Highway.

  • #5 Detroit Breakdown - J. Geils Band

    Peter Wolf and J. Geils were our party masters and we loved them for it.  You didn’t just go to a show, you went to a party.  Blow Your Face Out is one of the greatest live albums of all time, IMHO.

  • #4 Katmandu - Bob Seger

    “Katmandu” was Bob’s most popular response in our survey, but it didn’t stop there.  In addition to Bob Seger holding 3 of the top ten spots, we also got plenty of survey responses for

    “Get Out Of Denver,” “Fire Lake,” and “Hollywood Nights.”

  • #3 Hotel California - The Eagles

    In a 2007 interview on 60 Minutes, Don Henley was asked, “What’s the meaning behind ‘Hotel California?”  Don responded, “It’s a song about the dark underbelly of the American Dream, and about excess in America which was something we knew about.”

  • #2 Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Some of the lyrics take a jab at Neil Young, but in real life, Ronnie Van Zant and Neil Young got along quite well.  Ronnie even wore Neil Young t-shirts on stage from time to time.

  • #1 Detroit Rock City - KISS

    You wanted the best, you got the best!  The song that was mentioned the most times in our social media survey of “Song with Locations in the Title,” was KISS.  Thanks to everyone for their input!

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