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July 19th! Bacon‘s role in medieval marriages, Words with Friends, and Daquiris! Rejoice!

  • Flitch Day

    What is a FLITCH? It’s the super-mega old-school term for a side of bacon. Back in the day, and by “in the day” I mean the 1100’s, they had a custom. Married couples were asked to come forward if they could honestly say that in the last YEAR, not once had EITHER OF THEM even THOUGHT of REGRETTING BEING MARRIED to their spouse. The couples who said, “Yes,” were asked to join hands in front of the village and then paraded through town and given a FLITCH, or side of bacon.  Believe it or not… very few flitches were actually handed out.   #keepingItReal1100  More on Flitch Day HERE

    We love bacon at my house!  We even have a bacon ornament for our Christmas tree.

    bacon ornament

  • Word With Friends Day

    Surprise! Zynga created this holiday last year.  I love WWF.  I play almost every day.  I’ve been a hard-core Scrabble player most of my life.  Pro tip: It’s not about the size of the word, but rather, the strategy behind the play.  Hit me up if you want to play a game!

    words with friends

  • Daiquiri Day

    DELICIOUS and refreshing.   I don’t make my strawberry daiquiris from scratch.  I use non-alcoholic mix, my rum of choice and FROZEN STRAWBERRIES in place of most of the ice.  It seriously takes things up a notch in flavor and fruit!

  • Stick Your Tongue Out Day

    What is not to love about this reason to celebrate?  We have a thousand family photos celebrating this day.  Here’s one of my favorites, my sister, Debi, after eating blue frosting from her birthday cake.

    doni's sister, Debi