Us Michiganders know what coney dogs are really about. There a “dos” and “don’ts” to eating hot dogs so we think it’s safe to assume the same guidelines are in place for coney dogs! According to one American Meat Trade Association’s official etiquette guide for hot dog-eating (yes, somehow this actually exists), it’s tacky to top your frank with the ketchup if you’re over 18 years of age, and pretentious to consume it with ANY utensils.

A few “dos”? Eat every part (including leftover bun bits), you can only pair it with simple drinks and sides, and you must ALWAYS lick off any condiments that you find on your fingers.

Did you know that mustard is the number one condiment people put on anything hot dog-related? Well, even though it breaks the American Meat Trade Association’s etiquette, ketchup comes in as a close second for the most popular condiment topping. With that being said, we asked our Jocks at WCSX what toppings they preferred on their coney dogs. Their answers were surprisingly similar… check them out below!

  • Big Jim O'Brien

    “A coney dog consists of chili, mustard, and onions. That’s it. If you put ketchup on a coney I don’t know you. 😁”

  • Ryan Logan

    It’s a coney. Chilli mustard onions. Anything else is not a coney lol.”

  • Donielle Flynn

    “Onions and mustard with a side of awesome breath. Ha!”
  • Dave Dahmer

    I’m a big ketchup, mustard, onion, relish, and chili guy.”

  • Megan Murphy

    I use veggie dogs since I don’t eat meat, but I like vegetarian chili/coney sauce, light onion, light mustard, and ketchup…. yummy!!”

  • Uncle Buck

    “Chili (if I’m north of M-59, Flint style…it’s meatier), onions, mustard, hot sauce (preferably Tabasco). Never cheese.”

  • Scott Shepard

    The ONLY toppings for a Detroit Coney Dog are mustard & onions…….Anything else is a Crime!!!!! 😍😂”

  • Bill McAllister

    “Alright, here is the correct answer…mustard and onions, with cheese on every other coney. In other words…Sometimes just mustard and onions. And unless you’re 7-years old, NEVER ketchup!”

  • Ken Calvert

    Two fully loaded with ‘tears’ and ‘sneakers’ and pass on the ‘skinny spuds’. (Two Coney’s with chili, mustard, and onions to go minus the fries)”