Here comes 2022!

What’s your New Year resolution? Are you giving up soda? Are you giving up smoking? Losing some weight? I thought it would be fun to find out what some of your favourite WCSX on-air personalities had to say about their New Year resolutions. Here’s what I got:

  • Ryan Logan

    “Try hard not to reply all to company emails.”

  • Uncle Buck

    “Drink more water, drink less booze…more or less.”

  • Donielle Flynn

    Doni had so many good ones, I did a whole separate post right here, Donielle Flynn’s Continuations.

  • Scott Shepard


  • Big Jim

    “Less Netflix – more books and getting back to vinyl.”

  • Megan Murphy

    My New Years resolution is to have even more fun in 2022! Also, to be more patient with myself and others.”