WCSX City of the Week

Congratulations to Wyandotte,

You’re the WCSX City of the Week from June 4th to June 10th!

Below are some important facts about Wyandotte that you can use to pass our Wyandotte City of the Week Quiz!

  • Origin of the Wyandotte Name

    Wyandotte was named after the tribe of Native Americans who originally lived there.

  • Wyandotte Riverfront

    The riverfront location made it a bustling river port with Eureka Iron Company, shipbuilding, chemicals, and metal makers.

  • The Year Wyandotte Became A City

    Wyandotte became a city in 1867.

  • Wyandotte Copying Philadelphia

    The street plan for Wyandotte was copied from Philadelphia.

  • Famous People Born in Wyandotte

    Both Lucille Ball “Lucy”, and Lee Majors “The Six Million Dollar Man” were born in Wyandotte.

  • Wyandotte Boat Club

    The city is home to the Wyandotte Boat Club, a rowing facility.

  • Bishop Park

    Bishop Park, located on the riverfront north of downtown, once had a dock to board the Boblo Boat to Boblo Island.

  • Wyandotte Toys

    From the 1920s until the 1950s the company, under the name “Wyandotte Toys”, was the largest manufacturer of toy guns and pistols in the US, producing a wide variety of pop guns, clicker pistols, dart guns, cap guns, and a variety of plastic pistols.

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