Must Haves

Must Haves

Must Haves

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This list of Holiday Inflatables For Your Front Lawn is a bit of a wish list. Growing up, my family celebrated Christmas in a non-secular way. We had all the standard fair. Ceiling height tree with an angel topper, stockings hand knit by my Grandmother, fake candles in the windows, and garland. The one thing we never had and could never have is inflatables. And guess what the one thing I always wanted was? Inflatables.

Why couldn’t you have inflatables, Kelley, you ask. Because we had no front lawn! My dad and his brother Jamie, carpenter and electrician respectively, and some of their pals built our house from the ground up and I often wondered if it was planned that way, much like the shape of the windows that (intentionally!) wouldn’t allow for air conditioners. In fairness, there was really nowhere else to build the driveaway but I’m still not convinced that it wasn’t on purpose.

When our house was built the entrance was put on the 2nd floor so you took 1 flight of stairs to a landing. Not a big landing, maybe 10 by 4 at the most. Fast forward to my early 20s. When my dad, who has a tremendous sense of humor, decides not only can we now have inflatable Christmas decorations, but they should be large enough to take up the entire landing. I know for sure he didn’t plan this because he would’ve taken any opportunity to embarrass me and a gigantic snow globe with a snowman and swirling wind definitely would’ve done that.

  • 8 Foot Inflatable Santa With Gift Bag

    Nothing screams Christmas like an 8 foot inflatable Santa on your lawn. Complete with giant gift sack, this Santa will bring the joy of the holiday to your neighborhood day and night.

    Buy It Now Amazon
  • Santa Riding A Dinosaur

    If you want to add a little humor to the holidays, this inflatable Dinosaur will do just that. Just your regular ole Christmas Dinosaur being ridden by Santa. Those gifts aren’t going to deliver themselves.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • Giant Gingerbread Man

    He my not be edible but this enormous Gingerbread Man is sure to make you feel sweet. It’s large size somehow makes it cuter than the standard and I don’t know about you but I really want to hug him.

    Grab One Here Amazon
  • Buddy The Elf

    Smiling’s my favorite and this Buddy The Elf inflatable is sure to do just that. From one of the most popular Christmas movies from the last 25 years Elf, this main character blow up is the perfect addition to your front lawn fun.

    Snag One Here Target
  • Lawn Snow Globe

    For something a little different from the others, I found this inflatable that acts like a life size snow globe. I’m a bit partial to this because I collect Snow globes in real life, but there’s something enchanting about seeing the “snow” swirling around the globe at night.

    Pick It Up On Amazon
  • Blow Up Nutcracker

    Honestly, this has my dad written all over it, haha. This Nutcracker inflatable is obnoxiously large, expanding to a full 12-feet, and I love it. You are nearly guaranteed to be the talk of the neighborhood and on everyone’s drive by lights list.

    Buy It Now Amazon

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