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Bike Nights are BACK!

Erin is ready to meet you at Kapones Sports Tavern for Bike Nights - check back to see what Wolverine Harley-Davidson has in store for you!

UFO Filmed in Warren

A Michigan resident spotted an unidentified flying object over Warren last month. On Thursday, December 20 an eyewitness captured video footage of the unidentified flying object hovering above while driving south on Hoover Road, just past 11 Mile. A witness report revealed that the unidentified flying object was triangular in shape, containing a distinct light at…

NSFW: Don't Send Your Food Back

It's What Would You Do Wednesday in Big Jim's House and we were asked what would you do if someone you always went out to eat with was never satisfied with their meal? "My dad has habit of sending food back to the kitchen all the time. Things like 'my steak isn't cooked right' or…