A Deer Migration You Have to See to Believe

A Deer Migration You Have to See to Believe | National Geographic Researchers have only recently found the longest large mammal migration in the continental United States: Mule deer migrate 150 miles (241 kilometers) in western Wyoming each year. And it's no easy task for them-barriers include highways, fences, tough terrain, and bodies of water.

Deer Licenses: Everything you need to know

Deer License Types http://www.michigan.gov/deer - Hunters must choose at the time of purchase if they want the opportunity to harvest one or two antlered deer. Hunters wishing to harvest only one antlered deer can purchase a single deer license (one kill tag). Hunters wishing to harvest two antlered deer must purchase a deer combo license…

Video: Michigan Hunting Traditions

Michigan Hunting Traditions | Pure Michigan Visit http://www.michigan.org/hunting/ to learn more. To me its about going out with the family. There will be three generations hunting here this year. There's been times I've gone out and put the gun in the back of the blind and read a book and just watched the deer.