Ep 112 - NASCAR on Fox Matt Yocum post Daytona 500

Matt Yocum checks in after the Daytona 500 - what does this win mean for Denny Hamlin? What did Joe Gibbs do with the trophy after the win (and how it connects to Roger Penske) - does Joey Logano have a beef? And of course we talk Bob Seger 

Ep 111 - GMC Sierra Denali and Mazda CX-9

Couple of auto reviews this week: You've seen the commercials for the GMC Sierra Denali and it's fancy tailgate...but what about the rest of the truck? And how do we feel about the Mazda CX-9? (Mixed is the best description) 

Ep110 Eric Curran and Jason Statham's Ferrari

His Action Express racing team has won the IMSA DPi series two of the past three years, his name is Eric Curran and he's one of the coolest drivers on the track. We talk Detroit Grand Prix, NAIAS, IMSA, Belle Isle and Jason Statham. 

Ep. 108 - Gateway Bronco? Wait...they're doing what?

Seth Burgett is the founder of Gateway Bronco - the first Ford authorized first gen Bronco "restomod" company. That's a HUGE deal and they deliver amazing vehicles http://www.gatewaybronco.com  - we talk Broncos, what they're doing at Gateway and much more. 

It's a Jeep - It's a pickup. It's the GLADIATOR!

Easily the biggest vehicle unveiled at the L.A. Auto Show - Jeep finally unveiled the Gladiator, it's first pickup truck in 27 years. The response was amazing - and we get a couple of minutes with Mark Allen, Head of Design for Jeep. How long has it been done? Were there any last minute design…

Ep105BobSeger - talking cars

With Bob heading out on the road for his final tour I thought it'd be a good time for this...we spent a 1/2 hour talking cars before the Woodward cruise back in 2016. Great memories of Detroit, his first car and what he listens to in the car. 

Ep104MattYocum - Joey gets it done

Matt said he'd come back on with us after the NASCAR finale in Homestead - and here he is! Talking about Joey Logano's win for Penske, the idea of rotating the final race and of course we spend some time on the legend David Pearson.