Sunday7:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.


OverEasy with Chicago performing "Beginnings"

Tonight, August 12th, Chicago hits the DTE stage with REO Speedwagon in concert.  Of course WCSX will be there.    Enjoy this taste of Chicago performing their classic song "Beginnings" on Soundstage.   See you at the show and have an OverEasy Sunday with Scott Shepard. Chicago - Beginnings (Live on SoundStage - OFFICIAL) Beginnings by…

OverEasy with Lynyrd Skynyrd "Simple Man" live

This Friday night August 10th WCSX presents Lynyrd Skynyrd in concert at the DTE.   This is Skynyrd's farewell tour so you have to be there!!!!   Here's a taste of what you will see & hear with "Simple Man" live.    Enjoy your OverEasy Sunday with Scott Shepard....see you at the show. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple…

OverEasy with Jeff Beck performing "A Day in the Life"

Tuesday night The Motor City gets another triple shot of classic rock concert with Jeff Beck, Paul Rodgers & Ann Wilson together at The DTE, of course WCSX will be there.   Enjoy this live rendition of Jeff Beck performing The Beatles classic "A Day in the Life".   See you at the show and have a…

Happy Birthday Don Henley from OverEasy

Today Don Henley turns 71 years young, so let's celebrate by enjoying this classic live performance from 1977.   The Eagles giving you "The Best of My Love" in concert.  Have a great Sunday Morning OverEasy with Scott Shepard. Eagles - Best of My Love (Live at the Capital Centre,1977) Uploaded by In Concert on 2017-07-20.

OverEasy with Foreigner live performance of "Starrider"

Tonight Foreigner in concert at The DTE, of course WCSX will be there.  Here's a taste of Foreigner live with an incredible version of "Starrider" from 2010.  See you Sunday night and have a great OverEasy Sunday morning with Scott Shepard. Foreigner - Starrider Rockin´ At The Rymen (2010)

Vintage Journey performing on The Midnight Special 1978

Journey will be at Comerica Park this Friday 13th, of course WCSX will be there.   Enjoy this classic performance from Journey on The Midnight Special, intro by Wolfman Jack.  Have a great OverEasy Sunday from your mellow man Scott Shepard. Midnight Special STEVE PERRY Journey 1978 # 2-Feeling That Way & Anytime Midnight Special STEVE…

Roger Daltrey performing songs from "Tommy" in concert

Enjoy a taste of what you can see, hear and touch on Thursday July 5th at Meadowbrook as Roger Daltrey performs the rock opera "Tommy" in its entirety with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.  WCSX will be there for the show and it will be epic.  See you there and have an OverEasy Sunday with Scott…

Sunday Morning OverEasy with Steely Dan and "Peg"

Tuesday night Steely Dan and The Doobies in concert at The DTE.....of course WCSX will be there.   Enjoy this pre-show appetizer of Steely Dan  performing "Peg" live.  See you at the show and have an OverEasy Sunday with Scott Shepard. Peg -- Steely Dan Peg by Steely Dan from "Two against Nature"

OverEasy with Steve Miller performing "The Stake" live in concert

Steve Miller & Peter Frampton live in concert tonight at DTE Music Theater and  WCSX will be there.   Here's a taste of Steve Miller live performing "The Stake"  from 2007.   See you at the show and keep it OverEasy with Scott Shepard. Steve Miller Band - The Stake Live From Chicago was recorded on July…