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Tito’s Dog House


Hola! Me Tito Santana!
Me picking football games on the “Big Jim’s House” radio show.

Describe yourself: Me weigh dos pounds and me be liking the Milo’s Kitchen Chicken snacks. They tasty. My human give me them when I be good.

How would your friends describe you?
Hermoso! The ladies be loving me. Me think me funny too.

You’re on an island with three classic rockers (past or present) — who are they? Santana, Santana, and Santana. Me like his music.

Three things we’d be surprised to know about you:
1. Me traveled the world and lived in the Middle East and Africa.
2. Me like to ride in the car.
3. Me was born in Thailand.

Favorite comedy movie? Animal House

Teacher you had a crush on in High School (or college): Me no go to school.

Star Wars or Star Trek? Me be liking the Star Wars. Me human be watching it all the time.

TWITTER: @titothechi