Mustang Day

Big Jim and the CSX crew head out to Ford Headquarters to celebrate Mustang Day. And don't worry, they provided the donuts for you!

LIVE from Achatz Handmade Pie Co.

Big Jim's House was broadcasting "in the shadow of The Golden Butthole" at Achatz Handmade Pie Co. We were celebrating our Battle of the Burbs' Bracket Winners, Sterling Heights, and enjoying delicious Golden Butthole Cookies

Wolverine Harley-Davidson

Erin V. and the promo team visit Wolverine Harley-Davidson. Erin loves talking with listeners and customers about her ride, some of the new bikes available, and of course, giving away prizes.

Record Store Day 2019

WCSX toured Metro Detroit hitting up everybody's favorite record stores. We were passing out stickers and talkin' records with our favorite listeners. Long Live Rock N Roll!

City of the Week in Canton

Doni takes her children... I meant coworkers (wink, wink) to Canton this week. Joel tells us all about "the only two roads" in Canton, and him and his brother Cameraman Steven have a little too much fun, at Fun Garage

City of the Week in New Baltimore

Joel "New" Morgan, Doni and the infamous Steven The Cameraman headed out to New Baltimore for City of the Week. They found the biggest flagpole in Michigan and visited Dudek Insurance Agency. The crew even met Chief Mertens and the City Council - even Mayor Dupray showed up!