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Toys That Ruled The Seventies

Favorite Toys By Year That Ruled The Seventies. It was a wonderful simpler time and fun for a kid. In the 1970s, some advances in toy technology started with computerized games of Electronic Football and the Atari computer and home gaming system. Pop culture also continued to greatly influence many youngsters by being able to recreate their favorite movies or tv shows with matching action figures and dolls like the Six Million Dollar Man. The 1970s were a time when parents kicked the kids out of the house and said go play outside. Kids spent their summer vacation going to the movies to see Jaws, then not going into the water rest of the year. Dress to impress with very high tube socks and shorts that were pretty small. We worshiped "The Fonz" from Happy Days and quoted catchphrases from Welcome Back Kotter and Saturday Night Live. My hero was a late-night TV host named the Ghoul who showed really bad movies. We watched the Red Wings, Tigers, and Lions even though they were pretty average. The Toys we had could never be released today. Jarts is a toss game like horseshoes but with metal projectiles. Light bright-colored pieces of glass on a grid plugged into an outlet. These toys made a fork in the toaster not look so bad. Favorite Toys By Year That Ruled The Seventies

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