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Could Draymond Green Be Traded to the Detroit Pistons?

Draymond Green is a massive name here in Michigan. Now, is it possible that Draymond Green could be traded to the Detroit Pistons? It would be quite a homecoming. Green is a Saginaw, Michigan, native. He played basketball at Michigan State University, where he helped them go to the Final Four twice and earned the Spartans a Big Ten tournament championship in 2012. So, it would be pretty exciting to have Green back in Michigan. Will Draymond Green Be Traded to the Detroit Pistons? Here's my take. The Detroit Pistons are a very young team. One of their biggest problems is that they're without veteran players. In the offseason, the team really needs to try to get at least one solid, veteran player on the roster. That might be difficult, because with the Pistons having the worst record in the NBA, not many veteran players are going to be interested in coming to the team. But, Draymond Green is from Michigan, so he might actually like the idea of being a hero for the Pistons. Right now, the idea of a Green trade to the Pistons is just talk. Green is very successful with the Golden State Warriors, and he's been with the team since 2012. It's so wild to think that Green has been with the Warriors his entire NBA career. With the Golden State Warriors, in the 2024-25 season, Green will earn a base salary of $24,107,143, while carrying a cap hit of $24,107,143 and a dead cap value of $24,107,143, according to Spotrac.com. Josh Cornelissen of Blue Man Hoop recently wrote about some possible trade situations with Green, including a three-team trade that would have him traded back to the Mitten to play for the Detroit Pistons. "Could the Warriors consider trading Draymond this summer, leveraging his defensive impact and perhaps some hometown pride to get back a more reliable player, someone highly unlikely to lose control and cost the Warriors yet another season?" he asks. Cornelissen lays out a situation where a three-team trade could open him up for the Pistons. "The Pistons look like a team desperate to stop rebuilding and start winning, and they will likely make moves this summer to move past the rebuild and fight for a Play-In berth." He adds that Draymond could be a "true difference-maker who could pair in the frontcourt with Jalen Duren and give them some defensive mettle." But, since the Pistons don't really have players to offer in a trade, this situation would requite a third team to be involved, and that could be the Brooklyn Nets and a trade involving Mikal Bridges. It's all perhaps a bit confusing, but it would open the door for Green to become a real hometown hero. I'm a Michigan State graduate and would love to see this pan out. Contact me with your thoughts, fellow NBA enthusiasts.

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