A man. His Mustang and one AMAZING FAMILY.

Wesley Ryan loved his white 1993 Mustang GT - but he loved his wife even more, so 17 years ago (after finding out his wife Laura had ovarian cancer) he sold his beloved car to help pay medical bills. Flash forward to now - his son Jake (who still remembers driving around in it -…

Episode 96- Nascar Legend Larry McReynolds

Great conversation with Nascar Legend Larry  McReynolds as the Nascar playoffs approach, we talk who's in and who's out, who Larry has in his top four and much more... The post Episode 96- Nascar Legend Larry McReynolds appeared first on 94.7 WCSX.

Talking cars at Faurecia

Okay, I'll admit it...I'd driven by the Faurecia sign on I-75 in Auburn Hills and always wondered what went on there. Well THANK YOU Faurecia for inviting us out to your company picnic (and car show) - click here to see pictures of the event. We also took some time to find out more about…

Ep. 95 - Polaris and must see new cars for 2019

Fun conversation with Mark Phelan from the Detroit Free Press about the "20 must-see cars coming in the next 12 months" (click here for article)  We also spent some time talking about my week with the Polaris Slingshot - yeah, they're that much fun to drive .

You can't do that during a MotoGP

Apparently you can't try to push over another bike rider during a MotoGP race - seriously, watch what this guy did. Motorradrennfahrer Romano Fenati greift bei Tempo 230 in die Vorderradbremse seines Konkurrenten Moto2 Grand Prix San Marino: Stefano Fenati VS Stefano Manzi - Rennfahrer zieht mitten im Rennen die Bremse seines Rivalen.

No brakes = crash

Scary moment at Laguna Sega over the weekend as driver Sheena Monk had a COMPLETE loss of brakes heading into the corkscrew and hit the walls - she's under observation at a local hospital (expected to make a full recovery)...scary moment Shenna Monk HUGE CRASH Lambo Supertrofeo [Corkscrew - Laguna Seca] Laguna Seca, huge crash,…

Best look yet at the Mid-Engine C8 Corvette

The long awaited 2020 Corvette C8 is spending the week in Germany taking test laps on the Nurburgring - this time without all the black leather wraps. click here for the best look yet Mid-Engined Corvette pictured in most revealing shots yet!!! Most revealing shots of the new C8 mid-engine Corvette. This thing is really…

You're kidding. NOPE. Lego Bugatti

This isn't a Bugatti covered in legos, it's a Bugatti Chiron BUILT from 90% lego technic pieces (over 1 million). And it actually runs! (only 12 mph...but still, that's awesome). Where was THIS when I was a kid? The Amazing Life-size LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron that DRIVES! When we say with LEGO Technic you can…